What Are the Main Uses of Household Ventilator and What Is the Difference Between the Hospital Venti

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The ventilator is a device that can change, control or replace people's normal physiological breathing, improve respiratory function, increase lung ventilation, reduce breathing skills consumption, and save heart reserve energy. It is very important in the field of modern medicine. With the emergence of more and more functions, good synchronization performance, suitable price, and convenient homeless ventilator, patients with respiratory diseases can receive mechanical ventilation at home, which not only reduces hospital pressure, but also saves family expenditure.

At present, there are relatively little understanding of the ventilator, so many ventilators that I think of the ventilator are thought to be the rescue of the ICU. In fact, the difference between the two is still very large. Let me introduce you to the home. What are the differences between ventilator and hospital ventilator?

The ventilator is divided into medical ventilator and home ventilator. Like OSAHS, snoring, chronic lung diseases, etc., household ventilator may be used, and the home ventilator is mainly based on non -invasive ventilator.

Home ventilator is mainly applicable to 1. Single horizontal ventilator adapt to the disease: sleep snoring, sleep respiratory suspension syndrome. 2. Dual -horizontal ventilator adaptation of the disease: respiratory failure such as respiratory failure, pulmonary heart disease, slow pulmonary block, motor neuron, muscle weakness and other respiratory diseases, as well as patients with sleep disorders caused by excessive obesity. When the patient's symptoms are severe, they still need to be diagnosed and cured by professional medical staff.

The medical ventilator can remove the secretions and sputum of the nose and nose by intubation. The home ventilator can only pass through the nose and nose, and the discharge and sputum are needed to remove the discharge. Light symptoms can use household ventilator. Medical ventilator is used for patients with respiratory failure and pneumatic trauma patients under the monitoring of medical staff, as well as patients who need respiratory support, respiratory therapy and emergency resuscitation. The medical ventilator can calculate the patient's breathing time, pressure, etc., and adapt to the patient's breathing for mechanical ventilation.

Therefore, for how to use ventilator, according to the actual situation, depending on what kind of equipment is required, whether it is a home ventilator or a medical ventilator, so as to better play the role of the ventilator in the treatment.

What Are the Main Uses of Household Ventilator and What Is the Difference Between the Hospital Venti 1

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