What Are the Main Uses of Cardiac Ultrasound, and Under What Circumstances Need to Be a Cardiac Ultr

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With the improvement of people's material living standards and the growth of population aging, the incidence of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes has become higher and higher. Therefore, the use of ultrasonic heartbeat diagrams to conduct a safe and non -invasive examination of the heart is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Cardiac ultrasound is the abbreviation of ultrasonic heartbeat. It is an ultrasonic examination method that combines two -dimensional ultrasound, M -type ultrasound, spectrum and color Doppler ultrasonic technology. It is very common to use clinical diagnosis of cardiac diseases.

Cardiac ultrasound is to place the ultrasonic probe on the upper nest of the sternum, beside the sternum, the tip of the heart, and the sword. And there are detailed information such as the decline block, the thickness of the room wall, the changes in echo, the number of valve, and the opening and closure of the valve, and so on. The main purpose of the heart ultrasound is 5 points:

1. Determine the location of the heart.

2. Check the disease of the pericardium.

3. Check whether the structure of the heart is abnormal.

4. Evaluate cardiac function.

5. Evaluate the changes in heart blood flow dynamics, measure the flow velocity and pressure difference of each petals, and judge the abnormal blood flow parts and origin in the cardiovascular.

So, under what circumstances do you need to do a color Doppler ultrasound?

1. Symptoms such as chest tightness, palpitations, palpitations, or chest pain, syncope, unknown fever and other symptoms after activity appear.

2. Suspected of congenital heart disease.

3. Hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc., as well as some other acquired heart disease (such as rheumatic heart disease, insufficiency of valve, etc.).

4. Clinicians found noise during theft.

5. When you need to evaluate the heart function.

What Are the Main Uses of Cardiac Ultrasound, and Under What Circumstances Need to Be a Cardiac Ultr 1

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