What Are the Main Types and Differences in Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments?

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The epidemic has entered a normal management, but because the temperature in winter is low, the virus is easy to survive and repeat. Therefore, doing nucleic acid testing is one of the effective means to effectively investigate the epidemic. Compared with before, the nucleic acid detection is now faster and more accurate. Therefore, there are many types of equipment in the market on the market. What types of types are they divided into? What are the differences and characteristics of these types.

1. Nucleic acid extraction instrument can generally be divided into two categories according to the purpose: one is automatic liquid workstation, automatic liquid workstations are very powerful equipment, liquid liquid liquid, solution, etc. can be completed automatically, and even instruments such as expansion, detection, etc. Equipment, fully automated specimens extraction, amplification, and detection. Extracting nucleic acid is only an application of its functions. It is not suitable for the extraction of nucleic acids for conventional laboratories. Generally, it is used in a single type of specimen and the extraction specimens are very large (at least 96, generally hundreds of) experimental needs. The establishment of the platform and the operation of the platform requires relatively large funds.

2. Different reagents based on the application are divided into two categories: one is the instrument of the application of magnetic beads, and the other is the instrument that uses a centrifugal column method. The automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument of the magnetic bead method is easy to operate and is easy to automate. It is the mainstream product on the market.

What are the characteristics of nucleic acid extraction instruments?

1. Cross pollution. Instrument components are not exposed to biological samples.

2. Automation system. Each extraction work, the operator only needs to do the installation work, and it does not require artificial help to arrange the entire process to extract the entire process. The instrument is automatically completed.

3. Extract control. During the extraction process, if the operator needs, the system allows you to control the extraction process.

The above briefly introduces the specific classification and characteristics of nucleic acid extract instruments. In fact, we should be no stranger to nucleic acid extract equipment equipment. In the past a year or two, we have more contact. Therefore, when buying nucleic acid extract equipment, we It is necessary to have a basic understanding of it, such as the advantages of the product, after -sales service, functions, prices, manufacturers, etc., must not be measured in terms of price. At the same time Improve. As a manufacturer of a nucleic acid extract equipment, Proud Medical Equipment currently sells more products. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Main Types and Differences in Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments? 1

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