What Are the Main Tests of Pesticide Residue Speed Measurement Instruments? How to Detect?

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What are the main tests of pesticide residue speed measurement instruments? The role of pesticide in agricultural production is inseparable from the role of pesticides. The application of pesticides has a certain guarantee for the yield and quality of crops, and prevents the invasion of diseases and diseases. At present, the production of agricultural production is inseparable from the use of pesticides. The pesticide types commonly used on the market are organic phosphorus and amino -based pesticides. kind.

The pesticide itself has a certain toxic effect, and a large number of pesticides can cause serious pesticide residues. These pesticide residues are attached to crops and entered the human body to harm the health and safety of the human body through the food chain. Therefore Speaking is a very important content.

However, pesticides are a substance that cannot be distinguished by the eyes, so we need to use pesticide residue speed measurement instruments to measure pesticide residues on agricultural products, and to show us in the form of data, intuitively understand the quality and safety of agricultural products, facilitate production personnel and production personnel and Sales staff take timely measures to reduce the risk of agricultural product safety accidents.

How to detect pesticide residue speed tests? Let's take a look at the detection method.

1. Pour the buffer reagent bag reagent, dissolve in 500ml distilled water, and dissolve and mix well.

2. Add 10ml distilled water to the bottle labeled as a substrate.

3. Add 10ml buffer to the bottle marked as a color renderendant and enzyme reagent, respectively.

4. Put 2G samples in the sample cup, add 10ml buffer to extract for 2 minutes, the filter liquid is the sample extraction solution

5. Take the corresponding liquid into the test tube, shake the test tube for about 5 times, pour it into the container, put the containment dish in the specified channel, one channel is the control solution, and the second channel is the sample solution

6. The on -board operation adjusts the response time to 180 seconds. Click to detect. The sample suppression rate is less than 50%.

The main role of pesticide residue speed testing instruments in the market is preliminary testing and screening of quality and safety of agricultural products such as vegetables, which is an important barrier to ensure the safety of vegetables. Because of its small size and convenient carriers, it can be used in various occasions, which effectively ensures that agricultural products meet the prescribed quality and safety standards, ensure their benefits, and also make consumers feel more assured.

What Are the Main Tests of Pesticide Residue Speed Measurement Instruments? How to Detect? 1

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