What Are the Main Hazards of Pesticide Residues and How Pesticide Residues Detect How Agricultural R

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Pesticide residues have always been a security issue that the public cares. Agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits are prone to such problems. In daily life, if we take foods containing pesticide residues or exceeding the standards for a long time, our digestive system function will be interfered, mainly manifested as abdominal pain. Generally, pesticide residues rarely cause acute poisoning, and most of them are chronic poisoning, such as liver disease. There are more and more pesticide residues, and the burden on the liver is seriously exceeded. Long -term overload can lead to a decrease in liver function, causing liver disease such as cirrhosis, and hywrocytics, thereby reducing liver absorption and decomposition function. In severe cases, it can also cause disorderly nervous system.

Therefore, to solve the problem of pesticide residues of agricultural products, on the one hand, non -standardized production, disable high -toxic pesticides, and guide scientific medication; on the other hand, it is necessary to use fast inspection instruments such as pesticide residues to strengthen pesticide residue testing of all aspects of agricultural products, and create nothing Agricultural products left by pesticide residues.

The pesticide residue detector is based on organic phosphorus and amino -based pesticides. The activity of acetylcholine enzymes in insect hub and peripheral nervous system can cause the accumulation of neurotripotinocular acetylcholine, affecting normal conduction, and the principle of insect poisoning. , In the test of pesticide residues.

If the extract of the vegetable extract does not contain organic phosphorus or amino -amino -amino pesticide pesticides or low residues, the activity of the enzyme is not suppressed, the substrate added in the test is hydrolyzed by the enzyme, the hydrolyzed product and the added color reaction reaction produce the occurrence of the reaction of the toner rendering agent. color.

Conversely, if the extract of vegetable extracts contains a certain amount of organic phosphorus or amino amino amino pesticide enzymes, the activity of pesticide enzymes is suppressed or partially suppressed, and the substrate added in the test cannot be hydrolyzed or a small part of the hydrolysis, so it does not The color rendering or color changes are very small. Calculating the inhibitory rate with the change of light in the lighting meter with the dating metering meter can determine the residue of organic phosphorus or amino -amino -based pesticides in the vegetables.

In the past, the detection of agricultural disability was relatively complicated, and the testing cycle was relatively long, and there would be no omissions. Now through fast inspection technologies such as pesticide residues, the detection process of the agricultural residue is simplified, and the test efficiency has improved significantly. Not only the professional testing institutions can carry out agricultural residue testing, that is, ordinary production and sales of production bases, farmers' markets, supermarkets, and other ordinary production and sales Places can also use pesticide residue detectors to carry out fast testing to effectively ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and create healthy agricultural products without pesticide residues.

What Are the Main Hazards of Pesticide Residues and How Pesticide Residues Detect How Agricultural R 1

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