What Are the Main Detection of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines? What Are the Advantages

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What is a portable color Doppler ultrasound machine? It is a miniaturization and convenientization of traditional color Doppler ultrasound. Because the use of portable color ultrasound machines is relatively flexible, it can be used in the clinical examination of some inaccessible patients who cannot move. Therefore, its use has been widely disseminated. So, what diseases are the main detection of portable color Doppler ultrasound machines?

The clinical application of portable color Doppler ultrasound is more common. Generally, the development of the abdominal organs and the development of the fetus for pregnancy tests is very helpful. In addition, the inspection applications of small organs are more common, including thyroid and breast gland, which are more ordinary black and white, etc. Super more obvious diagnostic accuracy advantages. The color Doppler ultrasound can make a better judgment by observing the size of the vascular seminal, the speed of blood flow, the direction and the establishment of the side branch cycle.

What are the advantages after portable color Doppler ultrasound machine application?

1. With ultrasonic image optimization technology and adaptive image micro -environment enhancement technology; inhibit noise, increase image signal -to -noise ratio, and make the image more delicate.

2. Use multi -frequency signals for real -time average processing to enhance deep tissue signals and increase signal -to -noise ratio; it can enhance myocardial and endometrial display, minimize Xi'an and Xi'an, and enhance blood flow signals in the liver.

3. Automatic image optimization can reduce the number of repeat key times, significantly shorten the inspection time, achieve the purpose of optimizing the work process, and improve the diagnostic efficiency.

4. Multi -angle deflection and digital image processing techniques are used to use electronic beams, and at the same time launch and receive sound waves from multiple angles to obtain a multi -level, multi -angle, and multi -cut image.

5. Ultrasonic guidance biopsy stitching, which strengthens the visualization of the surrounding environment on the biopsy, plans the path of biopsy needle intervention to help doctors effectively perform surgery.

The above simple summary of the clinical advantages of portable color ultrasound machines. In fact, with the continuous progress of technology, as a commonly used inspection department, the performance and application of portable color ultrasound machines are constantly being updated. Large, the scope of clinical application is becoming more and more extensive. Nanjing Schopusida is a professional production of color Doppler ultrasound equipment and color Doppler ultrasound machine manufacturers. Currently, there are many color Doppler ultrasound machines and other types of color Doppler ultrasound. If you are interested, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Main Detection of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines? What Are the Advantages 1

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