What Are the Main Applications of Non -invasive Ventilator? Precautions During Use

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Many people do not know the differences between these two kinds of non -invasive ventilator and ventilator, and they are often easily confused. In fact, these are two different devices, and the scope of clinical application is also different. The editor of the Progen Medical Equipment mainly introduces the clinical application and use of non -invasive ventilator.

Non -invasive ventilator refers to the method of providing effective mechanical ventilation by connecting the ventilator with the nose or nose mask. It has the characteristics of small pain, flexible application, intermittent or continuous application. Non -invasive ventilator is suitable for light and moderate respiratory failure. Patients with no emergency intubation indicators, relative stability of life signs, and contraindications of non -invasive ventilator are used for early intervention and auxiliary withdrawal of respiratory failure.

What should I pay attention to during the use of non -invasive ventilator?

1. When using the ventilator, you may feel uncomfortable. This is a normal phenomenon. After a few deep breaths, after a period of self -adjustment, patients will gradually adapt to this new feeling.

2. Getting up: If you need to get up at night, take the cover and turn off the ventilator. When you continue to sleep, please wear a mask and turn on the ventilator.

3. Election of the mouth: If you use a nasal mask, keep your mouth closed as much as possible during treatment. Elected air leakage can lead to a decrease in efficacy. If the problems of the mouth leakage cannot be solved, you can use the nose mask or the jawbone.

4. Wear mask: When the mask is good and comfortable, the ventilator is good. Leakage can affect the curative effect, so it is very important to eliminate air leakage. Before wearing a mask, please clean the face and remove excessive oil on the face, which helps to better wear a mask and extend the life of the mask.

5. Drying problem: During use, the dryness of the nose, mouth, and pharynx may occur, which is more obvious in winter. Usually, a wetter can eliminate the above discomfort.

6. Nose stimulation: In the first few weeks of treatment, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion may occur. Usually, a wetter can solve the above problems.

The use of non -invasive ventilator should be done. For ordinary patients, try to use masks as much as possible to absorb oxygen, pay attention to increasing oxygen flow. Only when the patient's ventilation function is also obstacle, can it be treated with non -invasive ventilator. Regarding the use of non -invasive ventilator, the text only shared some precautions for use. If the machine fails, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's after -sales staff to conduct reasonable analysis and solution, and do not handle it without authorization to avoid damaging the machine. If you are interested in our manufacturer's non-invasive ventilator products, please call the consulting hotline of Putron Medical Equipment manufacturers: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Main Applications of Non -invasive Ventilator? Precautions During Use 1

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