What Are the General Use Steps of Household Non -invasive Ventilator?

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Household non -invasive ventilator is made by the establishment of a pressure difference with mechanical devices, which produces the power principle of lung ventilation. It has replacement, control or auxiliary human respiratory exercise. Many patients such as slow lung blockage, patients with sleep and breathing need to use homeless ventilator for a long time to maintain the patient's normal breathing process. Many people are worried that the opportunity for home non -invasive breathing opportunities will not be used. What are the general use steps of household non -invasive ventilator?

1. Connect the power supply equipment

Second, the host and wetter connection

Connect the host of the homeless ventilator and the wetter. Different vessels have different connections, and some of them are enough to push both sides. Some are the host outlets and wetter air intakes.

Third, the wetter plus water

After the ventilator wetter is connected to the host, it needs to be used for water. The ventilator wetter ZUI is used to add pure water. The water is generally added to the ZUI large waterline that does not exceed the wetter.

Fourth, connect the pipeline and mask

The gas from the ventilator requires the pipeline to transport the gas to the mask end. The compressed air is sent to the nasal cavity and respiratory tract through the mask to connect the mask and ventilator out of the ventilation through the pipeline.

Five, wear a mask

After all facilities are connected, you need to wear a mask. It is appropriate to loosen the 1-2 fingers, and the patient's face is closely fitted with the mask.

6. Open the machine

After all the facilities of the ventilator are connected well, and after the mask is worn, the next step is needed to turn on the switch. Some ventilators have an automatic start -up switch. Will open automatically. Some ventilators need to press the switch manually to start the machine.

During the use process, if the patient wants to temporarily leave the machine, first turn off the machine, remove the nose or nose, and then leave. After returning, wear a nose or nose mask and then re -use it. In addition, household non -invasive ventilator is a medical device product. In normal use, if it is not used properly, it may cause patient discomfort. Therefore, the use of ventilator must be used under the guidance of a doctor or professionals.

What Are the General Use Steps of Household Non -invasive Ventilator? 1

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