What Are the General Medical Devices of Family Use?

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With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of people's awareness of health management, home medical equipment has also received more and more attention; second, the acceleration of the global population aging process has also accelerated the development of home medical devices. The elderly are common in common people. The daily care and treatment of diseases and chronic diseases will be based on communities and families. The application of household medical devices such as diagnosis, prevention, auxiliary treatment, rehabilitation, and health care is convenient and safe and efficient. It is a more suitable choice for related patients.

For many patients with patients with chronic diseases for a long time or suffering from chronic diseases, prepare some simple operation of household medical devices to observe the condition at any time and check the corresponding health. So, what are the general medical devices of family use?

1. Body thermometer

Many families are familiar with the thermometer. Nowadays, the thermometer of many families is an electronic thermometer. This type of thermometer is more durable and not prone to bad. And the measurement speed is also very fast. Gently click on the forehead to get the specific temperature of the measuring person immediately. It is very fast and practical, especially for the younger baby. In this temperature meter, Baoma can monitor the baby's body temperature at any time every day to protect the baby's health.

2. Blood glucose meter

This kind of medical equipment is used to measure the blood sugar content of patients, especially for patients with diabetes. This instrument is very useful. It can detect the blood sugar content in your body in real time, so that you can make daily diet according to the data Adjust the effect of maintaining good health.

3. Blood pressure meter

Due to the gradual improvement of people's living standards, more and more people of the three highs have become more and more. Many people suffer from high blood pressure and other diseases. People who have this disease should pay attention to their blood pressure. Because the blood pressure goes up, once the blood pressure goes up It will be very serious. Therefore, if you have patients with hypertension in your home, then you should have a blood pressure meter in your home.

4. atomizer inhalation device

The atomizer can atomize the liquid liquid into extremely small fog grains. As a patient, the patient is directly inhaled or used for the treatment of spray treatment of surface lesions. Or skin infection and other effective administration instruments.

From antipyretic stickers, thermometer, blood glucose meter, medical cotton swabs, and band -aid, wheelchairs used by the elderly are all household medical devices. Before buying medical devices, you must carefully read the product manual to clarify the mechanism of the product, the scope of application, the scope of application, and the scope of application, and How to use, precautions, contraindications, etc., choose the product in conjunction with the doctor's advice and your own situation.

What Are the General Medical Devices of Family Use? 1

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