What Are the Functions of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines? Which Manufacturer to Buy?

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What are the functions of portable color Doppler ultrasound machines? Portable color Doppler ultrasound machines are the miniaturization and convenientization of traditional color Doppler ultrasound machines. At the same time, many new technologies are applied in order to achieve convenience. Due to the flexibility and convenience of the portable color Doppler ultrasound, powerful function, and high imaging quality. The entire machine is like a laptop -like computer. It can reach the patient with the doctor in a short period of time. Therefore, its use has been widely spread.

At present, portable color Doppler ultrasound machines are mostly applied to cardiovascular medicine. This is because the number of critical patients in the department and not easy to move, and at the same time, they are urgently needed to diagnose the disease through color Doppler ultrasound. Many hospitals have introduced portable color Doppler ultrasound machines in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, which not only facilitates the implementation path of the department, but also improves the quality management of single diseases, making up for the lack of disease diagnosis and condition observation.

Which manufacturer to buy by portable color Doppler ultrasound machine?

Nanjing Schipusida manufacturers have a strong feature, flexible configuration, small volume, convenient use, and can be fully applied to cardiovascular, digestive systems, urinary systems, obstetrics and gynecology, superficial organs, muscle and joint system In clinical medical treatment such as pediatrics. It adopts an open ultrasound structure and uses the Windows operating system to increase the number of sound beam formors and digital channels, thereby improving signal processing efficiency and making the processed images clearer.

Among them, the G31 portable color Doppler ultrasound is a laptop -style color Doppler ultrasound machine. It has novel design, clear image quality and portability, and is a good partner of clinicians. With reliable ultrasound function and strong image processing ability, it can improve clinical diagnosis efficiency.

The color ultrasound machine can also store images and data online, and the storage image accuracy is high, which can reflect the structure of the subtle anatomy. It can meet the clinical testing needs of the heart, abdominal cavity, and peripheral blood vessels. It has also been introduced by many hospital departments.

Schopusida is a medical equipment manufacturer that produces B -ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound. It has different types of color Doppler ultrasound machines to meet different occasions. If you want to buy, welcome to call 400-6656-888.

What Are the Functions of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines? Which Manufacturer to Buy? 1

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