What Are the Effects of Household Ventilator and What Is Different From Oxygen Making Machines?

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Many patients with slow pulmonary patients have long -term home oxygen therapy, which not only require oxygen makers, but also need to use ventilator. However, some patients may confuse the home ventilator and oxygen maker, thinking that it is the same home medical device. In fact, the oxygen making machine is to increase the oxygen concentration of your inhalation of air, and the ventilator is to increase your amount of inhaling gas. At the same time Use the pressure difference between the dual horizontal mode to help you discharge carbon dioxide smoothly.

In simple terms, the main role of home ventilator is as follows:

1. Auxiliary ventilation makes patients breathe easier.

2. Increase the amount of inhalation gas, increase blood oxygen, and enhance the effect of oxygen therapy.

3. Exhaust the positive pressure, discharge carbon dioxide, and alleviate carbon dioxide retention.

It is worth mentioning that there are many types of ventilator. When choosing a home ventilator, patients with chronic pulmonary obstruction must choose a dual -level and ST word vessels in the model, such as Schipsta S9600 S/T dual -level breathing machine. Such models have the ST mode required by patients with apnea, which meets the treatment needs of patients with chronic pulmonary patients.

So, what is the difference between home ventilator and oxygen machine?

The principle of the two is different

Household ventilator: The pressure difference between the airway and the alveoli through the ventilator. As a result, the obstructive airway is unblocked, or the amount of alveolar ventilation with weakened tension increases to regulate the ventilation of the patient's lungs, which can help patients breathe.

Household oxygen -making machine: Through the air compressor, oxygen and nitrogen in the air use molecular sieves to use the difference in molecular sieve to the absorption of nitrogen and oxygen in the air to achieve the separation of nitrogen and oxygen, thereby obtaining high concentration of oxygen. It should be noted that oxygen -making machines cannot replace artificial autonomy.

Different crowds

Household ventilator: suitable for sleeping and breathing syndrome, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, respiratory dysfunction patients, etc.

Household oxygen -making machine: Applicable people who are susceptible to hypoxia and have been engaged in brainpower for a long time, middle -aged and elderly people, and pregnant women. Highland hypoxia and other people who need oxygen therapy, such as people with poor immune immune in the body, heat stroke, gas poisoning, drug poisoning, etc.

In short, the functions of the home ventilator and oxygen maker are different, and the applicable objects are different. The price of the ventilator should be higher than the oxygen making machine. When buying, it depends on the actual needs of your own needs to decide which one to buy.

What Are the Effects of Household Ventilator and What Is Different From Oxygen Making Machines? 1

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