What Are the Doppler Color Doppler Ultrasound Inspection Items? What Is the Advantage?

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The color Doppler ultrasound is our familiar B -ultrasound plus color Doppler. Doppler color Doppler ultrasound has the advantages of two -dimensional ultrasonic structural images, but also can provide information about blood flow dynamics, so it is very widely used in clinical practice. Doppler color Doppler ultrasound is mainly used for vascular examination. Vascular ultrasound in different parts can help clinicians understand the diseased diagnosis and treatment plan.

What are the Doppler color Doppler ultrasound inspection items?

1. Belly color Doppler ultrasound: mainly check the health status of the heart, liver, spleen, stomach, etc., whether the generator is led.

2. Thyroid Doppler color Doppler ultrasound: mainly check whether there are hyperthyroidism and decrease in thyroid gland.

3. Breast Doppler color Doppler ultrasound: The basis for examining female breast disease.

以心脏彩超为例心脏彩色多普勒是一种非侵入性检查心脏的重要技术之一对病人无痛苦无损害方法简便可重复多次显像清晰诊断准确率高 Easy to popularize and promotion has become an indispensable imaging medical equipment in modern clinical medicine. It is an effective way to diagnose heart disease, especially congenital heart disease.

What is the advantage of Doppler color Doppler ultrasound?

1. High -sensitivity to uterine arteries and ovarian blood flow.

2. Doppler color Doppler ultrasound inspections shorten the time of inspection and obtain accurate Doppler spectrum.

3. No need to fill the bladder.

4. Doppler color Doppler ultrasound examination is not subject to the interference of factors such as obesity, abdominal scars, and intestinal inflation.

5. To find the pelvic organs to find the pelvic vessel tears with the help of the probe to determine the pelvic cavity adhesion.

The Doppler color Doppler ultrasound has increased the Doppler function on the basis of two -dimensional images, which can check the structure and function of the cardiovascular blood vessels. It can also observe the blood flow situation, judge the direction of blood flow, measure the speed and area of blood flow, etc. The scope of color Doppler's application is wider than the B -ultrasound, which can diagnose the lesion more accurately. The accuracy of the diagnosis is significantly higher than that of B -ultrasound.

What Are the Doppler Color Doppler Ultrasound Inspection Items? What Is the Advantage? 1

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