What Are the Differences Between These Three Tests?

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In the clinic, I often hear the patient complaining: "Seeing a disease, why do you need to do so many examinations? Aren't you all doing an ECG? Why do you need to check the heart color Doppler? What is the coronary angiography?" Many people don't know about these examinations. , Are all checking the heart. What are the differences between these three tests? Is it really necessary to check so many?

In fact, it is necessary. Most people's heart is located at the bottom left of the middle of the chest (very few people's hearts are on the right). The volume is about the size of a fist and weighs about 250 grams. The heart promotes blood flow through constant beating, and transports oxygen and nutrients to the whole body. The heart is divided into four cavity of the left atrium, the left ventricle, the right atrium and the right ventricle. Each cavity is separated by valves.

ECG can record the electrical activity of the heart shrinkage and relaxing, and can determine whether the heart suffers from a certain disease based on the electrocardiogram form they recorded. Especially the diagnosis of arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, and myocardial infarction has important clinical significance.

The color Doppler ultrasound is the use of ultrasonic equipment to detect the structure, size, exercise, and blood flow of the heart. It is equivalent to a perspective eye. You can see the size of the heart, the internal structure, the heart of the heart, the blood, and the blood of the heart. Flow, etc. This test can be tested at any time regardless of or not.

Coronary arterial angiography is clinically known as the "gold standard" of the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. It can not only determine whether there is coronary heart disease and severity, but also expand it through intervention methods, dredge blood vessels, treat the coronary arteries inadequate blood supply or myocardial infarction. At present Clinical.

Modern people's life rhythm is accelerating, the work and rest are irregular, coupled with unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, the incidence of cardiac diseases has increased year by year, and there is a trend of youth. If the people around you have symptoms such as chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time.

What Are the Differences Between These Three Tests? 1

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