What Are the Differences Between Non -invasive Ventilator and Creative Ventilator? Come to Find Out

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When it comes to the vessels, most people think of it in the hospital. In fact, many people do not know a lot about non -invasive ventilator. What are the differences between non -invasive ventilator and creative ventilator? Mainly for which patients are used, these issues are more concerned about everyone. Let's follow the editor of Proven Medical Equipment.

What are the differences between non -invasive ventilator and creative ventilator?

1. Different registration types

Non -invasive ventilator belongs to the second category of medical devices, and the ventilator belongs to the three types of medical devices (three categories of levels, which require the National Pharmaceutical Bureau to issue a certificate); a simple distinction method is to see the medical device registration certificate.

Second, different ways of ventilation

1. The non -invasive ventilator is mainly connected to the ventilator through the mask and pipelines, giving the patients for continuous positive pressure ventilation. Generally, there is no trauma to the human body. It is mainly aimed at patients with sober and autonomous respiratory function.

2. Ventilation of ventilator is cut off at the bronchial tube, or the tube of the mouth and nasal trachea is performed. Providing breathing support for patients is mainly aimed at patients with coma, no autonomous breathing, or unable to withstand non -invasive ventilator.

Third, the crowd used is different

1. Non -invasive ventilator, for patients with chronic respiratory failure, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or patients with asthma, type II respiratory failure, cardiology asthma, breathing sleep suspension syndrome, etc.

2. There are patients with severe respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and patients who do not have independent breathing, as well as various large -scale surgery perioperative surgery period, severe muscle weakness patients, and heart respiratory arrest caused by various reasons Essence

Fourth, the price is different

The price of non -invasive ventilator is cheaper than that of a ventilator, and it can only support the use of a specific environment in the hospital, while the home ventilator is suitable for home use.

5. Different working principles

1. The working principle of the use of ventilator is an artificial mechanical ventilation device to help or control the patient's autonomous respiratory exercise to achieve the function of gas exchange in the lungs and reduce the consumption of the human body. Essence

2. The working principle of non -invasive ventilator is to press the air into the human lungs through a certain high pressure when inhaling. When exhaling, the machine gives people to the lower pressure. The exhaust holes are excreted from the body to complete the breath.

The above briefly introduces the differences between the two medical equipment of non -invasive ventilator and creative ventilator. For patients with different needs, you can choose the corresponding equipment, but Xiaobian still recommends that once the body is uncomfortable, the body is uncomfortable. Do not use it at will in a timely manner. If you want to purchase ventilator equipment, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Differences Between Non -invasive Ventilator and Creative Ventilator? Come to Find Out  1

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