What Are the Differences Between Household Ventilator and Oxygen Making Machine, and Which Groups of

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In the cognition of many of us, the home ventilator and oxygen maker are the same product, but in fact, there are two products that are completely different in the medical field. So, what is the difference between home ventilator and oxygen making machine?

Home ventilator uses mechanical devices to establish a pressure difference, thereby imitating the principle of alveolar ventilation in the human body. Home ventilator is a device that can improve or replace people. By increasing lung ventilation, it is a device that improves respiratory function. It is a self -service equipment commonly used by family.

Which people are applicable to home ventilator?

1. Sleep respiratory suspension syndrome patient. When sleeping, such patients will have a manifestation of severe snoring, and frequent respiratory suspension will also occur, accompanied by a relatively obvious hypoxia blood pressure. Such diseases will cause harm to the organ system of patients, and symptoms such as insomnia, morning headache, and intellectual recession occur at night.

2. Patients such as early and stable slow pulmonary blockage, chronic respiratory failure, and motor neuron disease. Due to the different degrees of breathing suspension of these two patients, the pressure of the ventilator is also different. When you buy, the patient can go to the hospital for relevant examination to determine the pressure of the applicable ventilator before selecting.

Oxygen -making machine is a medical equipment that extract oxygen from the air through transformer adsorption technology. The main function is to provide oxygen to patients, thereby alleviating the disease or improving the body's oxygen supply. For example, the symptoms of gas poisoning in patients can be relieved, and the oxygen supply of middle -aged and elderly people or women during pregnancy to achieve the function of restoring physical function.

Which groups of oxygen making machines are applicable?

1. High hypoxic patients. Such as chronic alpine diseases, altitude coma, and people with hypoxia on plateau.

2. Forty and sick and poorly immune people. Such as gas poisoning, heat stroke people.

3. People who are susceptible to oxygen: pregnant women, middle -aged and elderly people.

4. Lack of vitamin E, C, and lack of trace elements.

The above briefly introduces two different equipment. There are actually many differences between home ventilators and oxygen making machines. The working principles and population are briefly explained. So when buying , Select. At the same time, before use, we must learn more about the use of two equipment, and operate in accordance with the instructions of the use. When faulty, report or contact the manufacturer's after -sales engineers to deal with it. Do not operate without authorization.

With the development of socio -economic and medical technology, homeless ventilator has become increasingly widely used in patients with respiratory diseases. Household non -invasive ventilator, as an auxiliary human body for normal physiological breathing devices, has become more complete and convenient to operate. If you are interested in our home ventilator equipment, you can consult: 400-6656-888, and we provide detailed answers to your consultation questions. At the same time, our professional after-sales service can also avoid your worries.

What Are the Differences Between Household Ventilator and Oxygen Making Machine, and Which Groups of 1

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