What Are the Common Misunderstandings of Household Ventilator? Do You Know?

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In recent years, household ventilator has become more and more popular with many people. Not only because of the advantages of home ventilator, but also for some people with cardiopulmonary diseases, they can help breathing and improve sleep quality. Therefore, home breathing can be used. The sales of machines continue to rise. However, in the process of use, many people will have some concerns and operation misunderstandings, let's take a look at it together.

First of all, we briefly introduce the advantages of home ventilators. Household ventilator can constantly blow the pressure on the patient's airway to keep the airway unblocked and maintain normal breathing. Generally speaking, patients with sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome (snoring and suspension) and patients with severe emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, slow lung block or two types of carbon dioxide need to buy household ventilator. Household ventilator is treating respiratory suspension, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, low ventilation, suspension time monitoring, decreased blood oxygen saturation during respiratory suspension, recovery of blood oxygen saturation, reduced sleep respiratory respiratory It has a good curative effect on the treatment of low ventilation index, eliminating tongue suffix, and respiratory disorders.

What are the common misunderstandings of household ventilator?

Is it uncomfortable if you misunderstand?

If the home ventilator is treating snoring, it is usually only worn while sleeping. It is recommended to wear a mask to adapt when choosing. As long as you add a little habit, you can wear a ventilator to sleep safely, and falling asleep is better than wearing a ventilator.

Misunderstanding 2, the ventilator produces oxygen? No. The ventilator only blows the air into the nasal cavity with a certain pressure, open the airway, and keep the body at a normal oxygen absorption level. Solve the night hypoltic hemosia that occurs at night's snoring breathing at night.

Misunderstanding III. Will there be life danger when wearing a ventilator? Won't. Because most patients with snoring use nose masks. Once the power outage occurs, you only need to breathe with your mouth, and then pick the mask.

Misunderstanding 4. Are you addicted to wear breathing opportunities? Won't. People wearing a ventilator feels comfortable to sleep because it overcomes the disadvantages of our originally narrow airway. It is a pure physical principle, and there is no addiction.

Misunderstanding 5. What are the disinfection of using a ventilator? Pay attention to timely cleaning filter cotton, wetter, pipelines, masks. These four things are consumables and need to be disinfected regularly.

The above are some misunderstandings that occur in the process of using the home ventilator. Before use, you must read the instructions and precautions in detail before using it, and use it reasonably according to the standardized operation. If the failure cannot be resolved by itself, contact the manufacturer after -sales personnel in a timely manner for maintenance, do not deal with it by yourself, and try not to continue using it before the failure is completed. If you are interested in our home ventilator products of our Prank Medical Equipment manufacturers, please call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Common Misunderstandings of Household Ventilator? Do You Know? 1

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