What Are the Common Home Medical Devices and How to Distinguish Household Medical Equipment?

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Household medical equipment, which is suitable for home use, is an important part of my country's medical equipment system. The main feature of household medical devices is that it is simple, small, and easy to carry, which can provide timely and accurate data testing for users' health. With the upgrading of my country's consumption level, deepening aging, and the introduction of related policies, people's attention to health management has become higher and higher, and family health management has become an area where the market is increasingly concerned. Here are some common home medical devices and functions.

1. Home Testing Equipment:

1. Electronic sphygmomanometer: Electronic sphygmomanometers are medical equipment used to monitor blood pressure. Electronic sphygmomanometer operations are simple and convenient, accurate measurement, and suitable for daily home use of patients with hypertension.

2. Blood glucose detector: an electronic instrument that measures blood glucose levels for the home of diabetic patients. For patients with hypoglycemias who are treated with diabetes, large blood sugar fluctuations, and usually used insulin treatment, a blood glucose meter can be prepared at home for monitoring.

3. Electronic temperature gauge: can measure the body temperature quickly and accurately. Compared to the traditional thermometer, readings are more convenient, measurement time period, and does not contain mercury, which is very suitable for family use.

Second, home medical rehabilitation, nursing equipment:

1. Household lumbar spine traction: It can relieve muscle spasm by effective traction, effectively relieve pain, and restore the normal function of the lumbar spine. It is very suitable for patients with mild symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. treat.

2. Physiotherapy instruments: divided into electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, and therapy. Among them, hot therapy instruments are widely used. Physiotherapy instruments are to affect the human body and make certain diseases improve. For example, by promoting blood circulation to improve the human liver function.

3. Household oxygen machine: improves the human body's hypoxia symptoms by supplied oxygen to achieve the purpose of treatment or relief. It is generally suitable for the following types of people: patients with respiratory diseases; patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; people who are prone to hypoxia; patients with hypoxia on plateau.

Medical device products should have the "Registration Certificate for Medical Device Products" (or filing vouchers), and the "Medical Device Production License" (or filing voucher) If you need to distinguish between true and false, you can log in to the website of the GUO Family Drug Administration. Click the medical device in the data query column, enter the registration certificate number or product name, and the products from all over the country can be found. There are some general products to promote the treatment and treatment effects, such as heights, weight loss meters, etc., daily fitness fitness equipment, and some health care functions, and some clothes, hats, shoes, socks, bracelets, earrings, etc. do not belong to medical equipment.

What Are the Common Home Medical Devices and How to Distinguish Household Medical Equipment? 1

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