What Are the Common Faults and How to Deal with Color Ultrasound?

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's attention to health has continued to rise. Therefore, the medical examination industry is becoming more and more popular with everyone. In the medical examination, we have more contacts with color ultrasound. Compared with B -ultrasound, what are the advantages of color Doppler ultrasound?

1. The scope of inspection is relatively wide. B -ultrasound can see the color Doppler ultrasound, and the color Doppler ultrasound that the B -ultrasound cannot be checked can also be checked, such as superficial organs, hearts, blood vessels.

2. The color ultrasound resolution is relatively high. Can find small lesions and small structures inside the lesion, and improve the diagnostic rate.

3. Color Doppler ultrasound can detect blood flow. Determine the nature of the lesion according to the blood flow of the lesion. At present, three -dimensional and four -dimensional development has been developed on the basis of color Doppler ultrasound.

Make the check -in area more three -dimensional dynamic, easy to understand and more intuitive. As a commonly used inspection device, color ultrasound machines are solved in frequent use of some faults?

1. Power circuit. The working current of the power supply circuit is large and the heat is large, so the failure rate is high. Such as rectifier bridges, voltage blocks, etc. When the load is too heavy, the power grid voltage is too high and the temperature is too high, it may cause damage to these components. Therefore, it is necessary to install the AC regulator to stabilize the power supply voltage; install the air conditioner to reduce the indoor temperature and regularly remove the dust inside the machine, and so on. Taking these measures can completely reduce the possibility of damage to the power supply, and at the same time, it can also greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine.

2. Keyboard failure. The typical failure of the keyboard is poor contact. Most of the poor contact is caused by the damage of the conductive rubber in the dust, contact oxidation or touch switch, but it is common for poor contact caused by dust.

3. Color ultrasound probe. Color ultrasound probe cable and mechanical fan sweeping out. Among them, the mechanical fan sweeping head has more faults. The common failure is that there are bubbles in the fan sweeping head. The treatment method is: exhaust, oil irrigation, and describe the treatment method in the relevant books. The probe does not turn, usually the probe itself drives the motor to damage the motor. At this time, the processing is more troublesome and you need to see the probe.

4. Failure caused by vibration. Medical color Doppler ultrasound is a very complicated electronic instrument, including many plugs, plug -ins, wiring, etc. When suffering a large vibration, these plugins may loosen and cause poor contact, so that some functions of the whole machine or machine cannot work properly. Be sure to vibrate as little as possible, and the lock switch of the foot wheel of the color Doppler ultrasound must be locked to avoid the machine sliding and other objects.

As a production manufacturer of color Doppler ultrasound, Progen Medical has many types of color Doppler ultrasound machines and many models. If you are interested in your products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Common Faults and How to Deal with Color Ultrasound? 1

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