What Are the Common Analysis Methods of Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzers?

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The fully automated biochemical analyzer is used to diagnose the human body -related clinical biochemical indicators testing instruments, so that the main operation steps in the biochemical test to achieve mechanization and automation, which is the main diagnostic instrument for clinical biochemical diagnosis. Testing equipment. So, what are the common analysis methods of fully automated biochemical analyzers?

1. UV visible spectrophotia method: The method of qualitative and quantitative and structural analysis of the substance based on the absorption characteristics and absorption intensity of the measured substance and the absorption strength.

2. Endmark analysis method: Based on the characteristics of reaction products when the reaction reaches the balance, the characteristics of the reaction product and its size of the light absorption intensity, the quantitative analysis of the measured substance is a type of method.

3. Continuous monitoring method: Chemical method of determining the consumption of the substrate or the speed of product generation.

4. Immunology measurement method: Using the specific binding of soluble antigens and antibodies in liquid phases, a certain size complex is generated to form a refraction or absorption of light, determine the refraction or absorption, or transmitted light or scattered light as the calculation unit.

5. Related chemical analysis method: dry chemistry analysis method is compared to wet chemical analysis methods. It refers to adding liquid detection samples directly to the commercializedid reagent bar for commercialization of different projects to be tested to the samples to test samples to test samples to test samples Moisture is used as a solvent to cause specific chemical reactions, thereby performing chemical analysis methods.

In the diagnosis of diseases, condition monitoring, efficacy observation, prognosis judgment and prevention of diseases, fully automated biochemical analyzers are one of the basic medical equipment. Acute pancreatitis, diabetic acid poisoning, myocardial infarction, uremia, dehydration or edema caused by the diagnosis of acid -base balancing and electrolytic disorders in emergency treatment are inseparable from biochemical analyzers; liver function, renal function, protein balance, fat, fat The detection of metabolism, sugar metabolism, potassium, sodium, chlorine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and trace elements also requires biochemical analyzers. The results of the detection of biochemical analyzers affect the medical quality of the hospital, which is related to the patient's safety. Essence

What Are the Common Analysis Methods of Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzers? 1

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