What Are the Clinical Application Advantages of Fully Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument?

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Winter temperature is low, especially in the north. The special environment allows the virus to survive for a long time. Therefore, it is more difficult to prevent epidemic prevention in winter. What if you can find out the epidemic and respond quickly? Then, the use of fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments quickly find the source of the disease, detect suspicious personnel, and timely isolation treatment to avoid the spillover of the epidemic. So, what advantages did the fully automatic nucleic acid extract in clinical application?

The fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument also has the advantages of automation, high -throughput operation, simple operation, strong expansion, safety and environmental protection, high purity, high gain rate, no pollution, and stable results. Prevention and control. At the same time, it can provide safe and efficient nucleic acid extraction and purified automated instruments for biological laboratories and clinical medicine. It can extract nucleic acid from various samples such as animals and plant tissues, viruses, fungi, bacteria, plasmids, whole blood, or cells. The instrument is equipped with multiple security functions such as opening protection function, ultraviolet disinfection function, and observation window separation of ultraviolet. It ensures that the experimental results are more secure and reliable.

The above briefly introduces some advantages about the full-automatic nucleic acid extract instrument. As a manufacturer of a nucleic acid extract instrument, Pulang Medical Equipment currently sells more products. The characteristics of the extract instrument:

1. Simple running, sample cracking, washing 1, washing 2, and elution 4 steps can be completed. The entire operation time is short and the extraction speed is fast.

2. The device can be controlled by the temperature system at the same time.

3. The device can also choose the oscillating frequency, the magnetic sleeve oscillation is mixed with liquid, there are fast, medium, and low oscillation frequencies.

4. The operation interface of this nucleic acid detection device is simple. By touching the graphical interface of the screen, Chinese and English can be exchanged.

5. With high -throughput fully automatic detection nucleic acid, extraction rate and high detection rate, fast detection speed, and multiple modules at the same time, you can perform large -scale detection, and use stable control to maintain nucleic acids safely. You do not need to transfer it immediately. It greatly facilitates the work of the operator.

As the number of detection and screening cases need to be detected, the installation of fully automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment has greatly reduced the labor intensity of front -line staff, reducing the risk of being infected during the detection process, and improving the quality and efficiency of the detection. If you have the idea of buying fully automatic nucleic acid extract in the near future, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Clinical Application Advantages of Fully Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument? 1

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