What Are the Classifications of Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments?

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核酸是生物的遗传物质也是分子诊断的基石传统的核酸提取方法一般会使用无机或者有机物裂解细胞释放核酸然后再使用一些方法对其进行分离达到核酸提取的目的比如热裂解 Alkali cracks, ultrasonic cracks and so on.

With the use of nano -magnetic beads, silicone membranes and other materials, nucleic acid extraction has entered an era of automation, and the column -based columns based on silicone membranes have been used less because of the trouble of operation. The nucleic acid extraction instrument based on magnetic beads has become the mainstream equipment.

What are the classifications of nucleic acid extract?

From the product design, the nucleic acid extract instrument can be divided into upper -suction and lower suction types, that is, we call the upper suction type by transferring the extraction of the extraction of the magnetic beads, and the transfer liquid to complete the extract.

In terms of product functions, it can be divided into semi -automatic nucleic acid extract and fully automatic nucleic acid extraction workstation. The former uses the pre -installed board to complete the extraction. It needs to add samples and transfer nucleic acids. , 48 and 96 samples are mainly through. After the new crown epidemic, basically each PCR laboratory was equipped with nucleic acid extractors, and many new products also appeared, which was more perfect in design and function.

So, how about fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument?

The larger difference between automatic nucleic acid extraction workstation and semi -automatic nucleic acid extract is that the fully automatic workstation can complete all the operations (samples, extraction, system configuration) from samples to PCR. Now that the listing of various cup systems, the opening of the lid is all machine operations, which is more intelligent.

PLH-96 (4x24) nucleic acid extract instrument is produced and sold by Proven Medical Device manufacturers. It is a nucleic acid extraction and purification altitude automatic detection equipment. Just add detection samples and reagents and 96 deep -hole plates. Each independent experimental cabin can run 2 96 deep -hole plates at the same time, and each deep hole board can extract 24 samples.

The PL-96 fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument is suitable for a small amount of sample extraction and the high-throughput extraction required for a large amount of samples. Compared with the past 96 -channel instrument extraction model, the use of medical consumables has been greatly reduced.

What Are the Classifications of Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments? 1

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