What Are the Characteristics of Dry Blood Gas Analyzer and What Is the Difference Between Wet Blood

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Blood gas analysis is an indispensable method for patients with critical condition. It can be used to determine whether the body has disorders in acid -base balance, judging ventilation air replacement function, hypoxia and hypoxia. It plays a vital role in the process of diagnosis and treatment of acute respiratory failure, critical condition monitoring, neonatal monitoring, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and anesthesia surgery.

The blood gas analyzer is a quantitative determination of human blood and exhalation of acid and alkali (pH), carbon dioxide pressure (PCO2), and oxygen pressure (PO2) to analyze and evaluate the human blood acid -base balance (disorder) state. From the perspective of clinical usage, the object of blood gas analysis and examination is mainly elderly patients, patients with basic diseases, patients with poor lung function, and a critical shock, coma, consciousness, dyspnea, chest pain, pre -surgery, before surgery Monitoring of patients in the middle.

Divided by supporting reagent categories, it is mainly divided into dry blood gas analyzers and wet blood gas analyzers. Wet blood gas analyzer detects the electrode inside the machine, and liquids such as sample samples and reagents must be inside the machine. The dry blood gas analyzer is to detect the entire process through an independent detection card, and there is no road inside the machine. To put it simply, the dry blood gas analyzer is the instrument that measures the SHI to measure the SHI. The wet blood gas analyzer is the instrument that needs to be added when it needs to be added.

The dry blood gas analyzer is a one -time use of the abandoned SHI card, which contains a micro -assembly biosensor array, a standard system, a flow control system, and waste liquid pool. It is used to analyze sodium, potassium, chlorine, urea, glucose, ionic calcium, pH, PCO2, PO2, and red blood cell biosensor. There are many test SHI disks. need.

The dry blood gas analyzer is designed to be portable, which is small and simple. There are no other consumables except the SHI film. There is no anticoagulant that is measured by the bedside, and the amount of blood collection is very small, 2-3 drops. Can achieve instant detection of bedside, simple operation steps, fast analysis speed, high accuracy, and maintenance.

The advantage of the wet blood gas analyzer is that it can handle samples in batches and low detection costs; currently the wet blood gas on the market is large and it is not convenient to move. In addition, due to the liquid path inside the machine Maintenance, and the electrode should be replaced regularly, and the electrode cost is higher.

In addition to competing with each other, dry blood gas analyzers and wet blood gas analyzers have a complementary effect. For the conventional testing of large -scale hospitals with a large sample volume, it is more suitable for wet blood gas analyzers. At the same time, some departments that need to be immediately conducted by blood gas analysis (such as anesthesiology, operating room) need a portable wet -type wet blood gas. Analyzer.

What Are the Characteristics of Dry Blood Gas Analyzer and What Is the Difference Between Wet Blood  1

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