What Are the Changes in the Procurement Policy of Domestic Medical Device? Here

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A few days ago, the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Deepening Reform and Promoting the Inspection and Inspection Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "documents"). New deployment has been made on key issues such as building a modern inspection and testing industry system and inspection and service industry.

The document pointed out that my country's inspection and testing industry has developed rapidly, the structure continues to optimize, the market mechanism has gradually improved, and the comprehensive strength has continued to increase. Essence

The basic principle of development is to unswervingly promote the market -oriented reform of operating inspection and testing agencies, eliminate obstacles to the system and mechanisms that restrict the development of the industry, and continuously optimize the international business environment of the internationalized and rule of law.

Adhere to innovation as the driving inspection and development driving force, improve the inspection and inspection and innovation system, strengthen the construction of common technology platforms, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and promote the industry's high -end extension of professionalism and value chain. The overall inspection and inspection industry and the industry chain are deeply integrated, and the intensive development of the inspection and testing industry is promoted.

The document mention that it will be realized by 2025. The inspection and testing system will be more complete, the innovation capabilities will be significantly enhanced, and the development environment will continue to optimize. High and industry reputation for inspection and testing enterprises, cultivate a number of well -known brands with international influence inspection and testing, create a number of inspection and testing high -tech service industry agglomeration areas and public service platforms, forming a new test and testing of modernized inspection and testing that meets the needs of the development of the new era pattern.

Special mention: focusing on improving the industry's independent innovation capabilities. Aiming at the forefront of international technology, promote the implementation of key research and development plans for inspection and testing, strengthen key core technology research, and break through a number of basic, public welfare and industrial common technical bottlenecks. Study cross -industry general inspection and testing technologies for basic materials, new products, new processes, and new equipment, focusing on the development of online, fast inspection and testing technology, and realizing the control of key inspection and testing technology. (The article comes from the Internet)

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What Are the Changes in the Procurement Policy of Domestic Medical Device? Here 1

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