What Are the Aspects of the Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Instrument and What Are the Advantages

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Portable color Doppler ultrasound is also known as color Doppler ultrasound. It is a medical equipment suitable for the diagnosis of the heart, limb vascular and superficial organs, as well as inspection diagnosis of the heart, limb blood vessels and superficial organs. The color Doppler ultrasound has the advantages of two -dimensional ultrasonic structure images, but also provides rich information about blood flow dynamics. The actual application has been widely valued and welcomed. It is clinically known as "non -traumatic blood vessels".

In fact, we often see color Doppler ultrasound inspections during the medical examination. In fact, we still see this portable color Doppler ultrasound instrument, but what are the aspects of it? Let's take a closer look at this question.

1. Routine examinations include chest (including lung, chest, interval), abdomen (including liver, bile, pancreas, spleen), urinary system (including kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate), gynecological (including uterus, accessories, bladder and bladder and Surrounding tissue), obstetrics (including fetus and uterine cavity).

2. Examination of superficial organs includes: thyroid and cervical lymph nodes, breasts and drainage areas lymph nodes, upper or lower limbs soft tissues, etc. Contains peritoneal and adrenal color Doppler ultrasound.

3. Test of neck blood vessels.

4. Local lymphatic appearance.

After understanding the scope of the inspection of convenience color Doppler ultrasound, what are the advantages of using its inspection? In fact, this device is more convenient and fast than other inspection equipment. At the same time, we take the advantages of G31 portable color ultrasound machine as an example to introduce in detail.

1. Use multi -frequency signals for real -time average processing, enhance deep organization signals, and increase signal -to -noise ratio.

2. It can enhance myocardial and endometrial display, subtle Xi'an and Xi'an, and enhance blood flow signals in the liver.

3. Automatic image optimization can reduce the number of repeat key times, significantly shorten the inspection time, achieve the purpose of optimizing the work process, and improve the diagnostic efficiency.

4. With ultrasonic image optimization technology and adaptive image micro -environment enhancement technology.

5. Use electronic beam multi -angle deflection and digital image processing technology, and simultaneously emit and receive sound waves from multiple angles to obtain a multi -level, multi -angle, and multi -cut image.

6. By launching and receiving sound waves of different frequencies, enhance the penetration of ultrasound images, enhance the resolution of space and the uniformity of the entire image.

7. Seamlessly connected to the hospital PACS and HIS systems to effectively improve the management efficiency of patient information.

The above is just a simple list of this portable color Doppler ultrasound. In fact, there are still many, and there are no introductions here. If you are interested in our G31 portable color ultrasound machine products, you can consult: 400-6656-888, we will introduce you in detail.

What Are the Aspects of the Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Instrument and What Are the Advantages 1

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