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Many diseases, especially the trauma caused by emergencies, and critical patients who are urgent treatment of emergency treatment generally have changes in blood gas, acid -base, and electrolyte disorders. These are important factors to maintain the stability of the human environment. By the patient's safety, it is sometimes the direct cause of death of the dangerous patient. Correctly and timely judgment and the treatment of the balance of this balance is an important and necessary link in the rescue process of critical patients.

The arterial blood gas analyzer measures the pH (PH), carbon dioxide pressure (PCO2), and oxygen division pressure (PO2) in arterial blood. In addition, arterial blood gas analysis also includes potassium, sodium, chlorine and blood sugar projects It helps to understand the patient's body environment in the first time, especially in judging whether patients have hypoxia, carbon dioxide retention, ion disorders, etc. There are mainly the following applications in clinical practice:

(1) Application of cardiovascular surgery. During the surgery period, blood gas analysis can accurately and comprehensive reflecting the metabolic conditions and organizational metabolic conditions of the body, which is of great significance for the formulation and implementation of the surgical scheme.

(2) Anesthesiology department, patients with gastrointestinal decompression. Application of the elderly before and after surgery. 60%of the cause of heart stop during anesthesia recovery is related to hypoxemia and hyperthamia. Timely detection of blood gas can ensure the safety of patients and reduce risk.

(3) Application in emergency and ICU rescue. Dangerous patients have different degrees of metabolic imbalances, such as coma, shock, high fever, poisoning, acute diarrhea, edema, cardiopulmonary brain resuscitation, etc. Before and after the rescue of critical patients, before and after the pressure, the use of the ventilator, etc., is the basis for adjusting the ventilator.

(4) Dynamic observation of asthma of respiratory, dynamic observation of type I and type II respiratory failure, before and after oxygen therapy.

(5) Application of patients with diuretic, renal incompleteness, renal failure, and hemodialysis patients. Experiments have proved that the abnormal indicators of blood gas analysis and its degree of strength are closely related to the damage of the kidneys. Patients with uremia show obvious dishonor and metabolic acid poisoning, which helps patients with early detection and diagnosis of uremia.

(6) Application of pediatrics and neonatal pediatrics. The analysis of umbilical hemorrhage is of great significance to the diagnosis of neonatal suffocation. At the same time, infant pneumonia is prone to hypoxia and acid -base balance disorders. Blood gas analysis has very important guiding significance for clinical doctors to grasp and correct the acid -base balance disorders and respiratory failure of children with infant pneumonia.

Arterial blood gas analysis can provide an important reference basis for the balance of the acid and alkali of the human body. During the treatment of critical illness, acid -base imbalance is a common clinical complication after hypoxemia. Timely diagnosis and correction of acid -base imbalances are of great significance to the treatment of critical illness.

What Are the Aspects of Arterial Blood Gas Analyzers and Clinical Significance? -Prang Medical 1

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