What Are the Applications in the Field of Food Safety?

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The fully automatic enzyme label is a medical device commonly used in the hospital test department. It is mainly used to test the enzyme -linked immune response, and read and analyze the experimental results. This can diagnose the health status of the human enzyme. For professional medical devices such as fully automatic enzyme standards, it is not only used for hospital laboratory, but also has a good application in agricultural science, animal husbandry, university laboratories, food and environmental sciences.

In recent years, the situation of food safety has become increasingly severe, and countries around the world attach great importance to food safety issues. Strict supervision measures have been formulated, and monitoring has been strengthened. Combined with the current reality of my country, what are the applications in the field of food safety in the field of food safety?

The fully automatic enzyme standard instrument adopts enzyme -linked immune adsorption measurement method, which can be used to quickly detect whether various types of foods contain additives, pesticide residues, bacterial toxins, inorganic poison and organic ingredients. It can be used in line with all the optical ELISA kits at home and abroad, which can quickly and accurately determine the content of the substance to be checked. For example, it can detect melamine in milk powder, can detect lean meat essence in pork, etc., and can also detect the residues of toxic and harmful substances. For example, penicillin, ilcomycin, chloribinomycin, chemical elements (mercury, cadmium, etc.), as well as volatile salt nitrogen produced during the corruption of meat and aquatic products, to ensure food safety and ensure the health of the people.

At present, the enzyme label instrument sold on the domestic market has got rid of the original single -hole measurement method. The automatic conversion of the automatic conversion of the automatic measuring, qualitative quantitative calculation, storage, and various report format filters has become basic and important functions. Various newly launched enzyme labels have become increasingly perfect and the functions are continuously expanded. Specifically, it is manifested in measurement high -speed, wide -absorbing light range, expansion to ultraviolet, with warmth, and dynamic detection functions.

What Are the Applications in the Field of Food Safety? 1

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