What Are the Advantages of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound and Which Groups Are Suitable For?

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With the development and popularization of ultrasonic technology, especially the breakthrough of the lung ultrasound, the ultrasound beside the bed provides the emergency doctor with more and more clinical information of patients with severe critical illness. The ultrasound is also widely watched by emergency doctors.

Portable color ultrasound machine movement is flexible and convenient, powerful, and high in imaging. The entire machine is like a laptop -like computer. It is currently equipped with three probes that can be used for urged ultrasound in all parts of the whole body. It is especially suitable for the diagnosis of the heart, limb vascular and superficial organs, as well as abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology.

Portable color Doppler ultrasound is also known as the color ultrasound by the bedside, which is different from traditional ultrasound. It emphasizes fast, convenient, simple, and accurate. Because it has the characteristics of lightness, flexibility, and operability, it is an efficient extension of conventional color Doppler ultrasound technology. It can move anywhere in the hospital, including operating rooms, ward beds, and even ultrasonic examinations outside the hospital.

The introduction of portable color Doppler ultrasound opportunities solves the problem of difficulty in checking patients, emergency patients, operating room patients, and other patients with ability to check. Quick, you need to monitor the functional status of each organs. There is a greater risk to leave the ward. There is a possibility of damage to the patients to move. The ultrasound beside the bed directly to the patient, which greatly shortens the patient's consultation time and the risk of damage caused by moving to move. , And can be carried out at the same time as other clinical diagnostic and treatment measures to win precious rescue time for clinical fighting.

Portable color Doppler ultrasound machine has a digital platform with clear images and complete functions. Equipped with a variety of probes that can perform a number of inspections such as the heart, blood vessels, abdominal multiple systems, superficial tissues and small organs, and positioning puncture. With the application of portable color Doppler ultrasound machines, it not only greatly improves the response of clinical ultrasound intervention and ultrasound emergency department, but also provides efficient and convenient services for patients who should not move in seniority.

What Are the Advantages of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound and Which Groups Are Suitable For? 1

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