What Are the Advantages of Cardiac Ultrasound Machine, and What Are the Differences Between Ordinary

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The color Doppler ultrasound is a color Doppler ultrasound device characterized by the heart. It is a device that can dynamically display the heart cavity structure, heart beat, blood flow in the heart, and adjacent structure around the heart. It has a variety of imaging modes such as two -dimensional, colorful blood flow, Doppler spectrum, cardiac diagram, and angiography. At the same time, special functions such as children, neonatal heart probes, and various heart movement analysis software packages are configured. The main instrument of diagnosis.

Cardinal ultrasound is a cardiovascular ultrasonic imaging equipment with a relatively powerful function. It has all the functions of ultrasound information collection and processing. In addition, it can also provide better image quality, richer and comprehensive diagnostic information. It is an anatomical intelligence intelligence. Ultrasonic, transforming ultrasound into the era of big data, transforming the ultrasound system from passive inspection tools to active intelligent diagnostic devices. Can provide comprehensive image quantitative information and professional cardiovascular ultrasound clinical solutions for the subject.

The principle of cardiac ultrasound examination is to place the ultrasonic probe on the upper nest of the sternum, beside the sternum, the tip of the heart, and the sword. The size of the room and the absence of the seat block, the thickness of the room wall, the changes in echo, the number of valve and the opening and closing conditions, so as to obtain detailed information such as the anatomical structure and blood flow dynamics of the cardiac disease, and achieve the purpose of diagnosing cardiac diseases.

Cardiac ultrasound examination is a non -invasive, real -time, fast, and simple inspection method. During the inspection, you need to lie on the left side to fully expose the left chest area. Do not smoke before the examination. After checking. Warm reminder here that cardiac ultrasound examination does not need to make special preparations in advance, and can be checked after eating, drinking water or urination.

What Are the Advantages of Cardiac Ultrasound Machine, and What Are the Differences Between Ordinary 1

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