What Are the Advantages and Characteristics of Portable Blood Gas Analyzers?

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As a clinical medical device, the portable blood gas analyzer has a great effect in evaluating the body's ventilation and air replacement function, as well as various acid -base imbalances. Use a portable blood gas analyzer in patients with multiple injuries, heart failure, respiratory failure and other patients. It can adjust the treatment plan, ventilator mode and parameters in time according to the test results, which greatly reduces patients' retention time in the emergency department, and reduces patients in the emergency department. Crowding, better implementing emergency processes management, improved patient satisfaction.

So, what are the advantages and characteristics of portable blood gas analyzers?

The advantages of Proven PL2000PLUS portable blood gas analyzer are as follows:

1. Fast and simple

Automatic inhalation of proofing system, automatic standard;

Fast detection, 80s/sample;

Automatically collect waste liquid to avoid biological pollution;

Can be connected to the LIS data system for easy management.

Second, small and portable

Portable design, built -in lithium batteries;

The reagent room temperature is kept without refrigeration.

Third, exemption

There is no internal liquid road with high stability;

Built -in self -diagnosis function;

The integrated design of the reagent package contains the inner suction needle, the detection electrode, the standard product and the waste liquid area, and it is discarded after use.

The portable blood gas analyzer is a quantitative determination of human blood and exhalation of acid and alkali (pH), carbon dioxide pressure (PCO2), oxygen pressure (PO2) to analyze and evaluate the human blood acid and alkali balance (disorder) state in the state Essence With the development and progress of domestic medical technology, the domestic blood gas analyzer has become the primary choice for various medical institutions with the advantages of performance, price, and after -sales.

What Are the Advantages and Characteristics of Portable Blood Gas Analyzers? 1

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