What Are Non -invasive Ventilator and What Are the Precautions During Use?

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Non -invasive ventilator is a ventilator that can be applied without having to have trauma in the body. The non -invasive ventilator is mainly through a mask, and then use the nose to auxiliary ventilation, which can play a role in breathing assistance. Therefore, non -invasive ventilator can increase effective ventilation, improve the human body's air replacement function, thereby improving the body's hypoxia, correcting hypoxia, maintaining the body's acid -base balance, and so on.

The non -invasive ventilator mainly connects the patient and breathing through the mask or the nasal mask. Therefore, the advantages of non -invasive ventilator are very much. The damage to the patient's patients with non -invasive ventilator is relatively small, and the application is flexible. It can ensure that the patient has the function of swallowing and speaking. This is easy to accept. aspect.

What are the precautions during the use of non -invasive ventilator?

1. For professional doctors, do you need to use non -invasive ventilator.

2. Facial deformed or facial sores, non -invasive ventilator cannot be used.

3. The use of non -invasive ventilator when the patient is unconscious, which will blow the gas into the stomach, causing intestinal ventilation to accelerate the patient's danger.

4. Patients have severe cardiopulmonary dysfunction or breathing or heartbeat, and non -invasive ventilator cannot be used.

5. When using a ventilator, eliminate the anxiety of patients, tell patients to treat the purpose, and relax their emotions. Choose the nasal mask suitable for patients to reduce air leakage. After turning off the non -invasive ventilator, the patient can eat.

In order to avoid danger during use, we must understand the correct use of non -invasive ventilator in advance, follow the correct steps, and regularly maintain and clean non -invasive ventilator at the same time. Avoid using it under failure. As a manufacturer of non-invasive ventilator, Progen Medical Equipment has a variety of models currently on sale. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are Non -invasive Ventilator and What Are the Precautions During Use? 1

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