Use Steps for the Use of Multi -functional Food Safety Detector

  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturers

The application of multi -functional food safety detector can quickly detect toxic and harmful substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metal residues in products. View samples, choose unqualified products, dispose of uniformly, prevent them from entering the market, avoid toxic products from entering our table, and better ensure better guarantee Our food safety.

Multifunctional food safety detector is professional during the testing process, can promote sustainable development of food, improve detection efficiency, and ensure people's food safety. The food safety detector of Proven Medical Device manufacturers is a professional instrument for food safety to detect food safety. The testing project is complete. It only needs to be tested according to the instructions. Non -professional can also be tested. Because it is small and easy to carry, it is widely used.

Step of the use of multi -functional food safety detector:

1. Prepare the sample solution according to the steps of the reagent clarification;

2. Put the control solution and sample solution container in the corresponding channel. Select the [Sample Title] of the Sample Sample button to check. Pay attention to the consistency of the detection time and the control solution;

3. Point reaction time, set the corresponding sample reaction time;

4. After the progress bar is completed, the test results are displayed. If you need to print, click the [Print] button;

5. Continuously measure other samples and repeat 2--5 steps.

Multifunctional food safety detector can detect food faster, allow unqualified products to avoid it, and allow consumers to buy foods for safe, healthy and edible products. They are mostly used in food safety testing departments, health epidemic prevention, and epidemic prevention. Environmental maintenance, vegetable consumption bases, supermarkets and other departments can complete food safety testing quickly.

Use Steps for the Use of Multi -functional Food Safety Detector 1

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