Bing's Not a Bad Guy, Court Rules

Steve Bing may have dismissed a pregnant Liz Hurley with a caddish "I'm not your baby's Daddy," but don't call the millionaire playboy a bad guy--or else. A British newspaper has been ordered to apologize to Bing for falsely accusing him of mounting an anti-Hurley smear campaign. Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre and journalist Daniel Jeffreys publicly apologized to Bing and his attorney-to-the-stars, Marty Singer, in London's High Court on Wednesday. The newspapermen have also agreed to fork over "substantial sums" to British children's charities. "They accept that the article was not true, and they sincerely apologize for the embarrassment and distress which they have caused the claimants. They have undertaken not to repeat the libels," said the defendants' attorney, Rebecca Jackson. When told Hurley was with child, Bing initially claimed the kid wasn't his, suggesting the two, who dated for 18 months from 2000-01, were "not in an exclusive relationship when she became pregnant." Meow-ouch! Hurley claimed otherwise. Regardless, three weeks after Damian Charles' birth on April 4, 2002, Bing went to court to officially challenge the paternity claim. But a DNA test subsequently proved that the Brit babe was right, Bing was the father of her child. He has since offered to provide Hurley with child support, but the handout was rejected by the still-stung supermodel, who called the cash "not wanted or welcome." Bing's initial brush off raised the ire of Hurley's fellow countrymen, who publicly raked the sometime movie producer and real-estate heir over the coals via the tabloid press. The current libel suit stemmed from a December 22, 2001, article published in the Daily Mail that claimed Bing and Singer tried to drag Hurley's name through the mud. Bing's attorney Nathalie Paterson detailed the article's allegations before the English court: "According to the Daily Mail's article, the so-called "anti-Hurley" team deployed by Mr. Bing included a private detective named Anthony Pellicano who was engaged to "dig up dirt" on her and lawyer Perry Wander, plus a string of models. "The alleged purpose of the campaign was to reduce the sum of money which a California jury would order Mr. Bing to pay Ms. Hurley in any paternity suit brought against him if he should prove to be the father of her child. "The defendants now accept there was no truth whatsoever in these allegations. No such campaign was waged or orchestrated by Mr. Bing or by Mr. Singer on Mr. Bing's behalf. "They had not instructed Anthony Pellicano, or the others named in the article to brief the media against Ms. Hurley. Mr. Singer has not been involved in a campaign to black Ms. Hurley's name," concluded Paterson. Wednesday's court victory was the second Bing has scored over the Daily Mail. Last year, he took the paper to court after it called him a "sleazeball," published his phone number and encouraged readers to call him up and "say exactly what you thing of him." The paper later issued a front-page apology to settle the suit. Some in Hollywood, where Bing has burned bridges, may sympathize with the tabloid's cause. Last year, Bing, 38, found himself in the middle of another paternity battle, this one involving billionaire MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian. Kerkorian's ex, onetime tennis pro Lisa Bonder, has asked the movie mogul to pay $320,000 a month in child support for her four-year-old daughter. But Kerkorian balked, claiming Bing fathered the child (Bonder has since admitted the child is not Kerkorian's but has yet to identify the biological father). In May, Bing filed a $1 billion invasion-of-privacy suit against Kerkorian, claiming the mogul had his lackeys go through Bing's trash to find dental floss that they could use for a DNA test to establish Bing's purported paternity--the two moneymen later agreed to a secret deal and that's the last we heard. Not so subtle was Bing's dispute with Sean Penn. The outspoken actor filed a $10 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against the aspiring Hollywood player in February, accusing Bing of reneging on a movie deal because of Penn's outspoken stance against war in Iraq. Bing went one better, filing a $15 million lawsuit against Penn, accusing the "irrational and irresponsible" actor of trying to extort an eight-figure acting fee from the producer. At stake is the validity of an oral agreement the two men reportedly had to produce the anti-matrimonial comedy Why Men Shouldn't Marry. Bing claims Penn wouldn't commit to signing a contract and, as such, forfeited the role. Penn disagrees and wants his $10 million payday under a pay-or-play clause that nets the star his paycheck, regardless of whether the movie is ever made. When not employing lawyers, Bing, whose money comes from his dad's real-estate empire, does produce and write the occasional movie. He helped, um, mastermind the surprise hit Kangaroo Jack and is already working on a sequel. His current infatuation is reportedly ex-Baywatch-er Brooke Burns. Hurley, meanwhile, has been generating plenty of tabloid ink of her own, thanks to her affair with Bombay-based computer mogul Arun Naya. The couple, both 37, have been an item for just four months, but the gossip sheets say Hurley's pushing for marriage--as soon as Naya divorces his wife.

Bing's Not a Bad Guy, Court Rules 1

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