Three Important Embodiment of Animal Epidemic Detector Can Be Monitored by Animal Epidemic Diseases

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With the scale and intensive development of animal husbandry, the incidence of livestock and poultry disease has increased year by year. Therefore, a number of prevention and control measures for epidemic diseases have been formulated in various regions, requiring relevant departments to strengthen the monitoring and management of animal epidemic diseases, ensure the accuracy and scientificity of animal epidemic monitoring, and reduce the probability of epidemic diseases in this region. Animal epidemic fast detector is one of the important detection instruments of the epidemic prevention and control center. It can detect common animal diseases such as type B, pork mouth hoof disease, swine fever antigen, etc., and has a drug residue quantitative fast detection function. Drug residue detection system networking.

The important manifestations of animal epidemic monitoring are as follows:

First, improve the quality of animal products.

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pay attention to the health of animal products, and the quality requirements for animal products are getting higher and higher. Anyway problems will affect the quality of animal husbandry products and the health of consumers. Adopting effective disease monitoring and management methods, we can find hidden dangers of animal products, and seek scientific prevention countermeasures to ensure the health and safety of animal products, and provide consumers with healthy and high -quality animal products. When monitoring animal epidemic, it should be found in a timely manner that the hidden safety hazards exist in the breeding process should lay the foundation for promoting the development of the livestock breeding industry.

Second, in the animal epidemic breeding area, animal epidemic disease should be grasped in time, and targeted prevention measures should be taken.

The monitoring of animal epidemics can be analyzed by epidemiological diseases to provide important basis for epidemic monitoring. In order to strengthen the survey of epidemic diseases in the district, strengthen the monitoring of animal epidemic diseases, strengthen the monitoring of animal epidemic diseases, effectively curb the spread and spread of major infectious diseases, ensure the economic and ecological benefits of the breeding industry in the district, and ensure consumers' physical health In the process of animal epidemic monitoring, it can respond in a timely manner, effectively control the spread and spread of major infectious diseases, ensure the economic and ecological benefits of the breeding industry in the district, ensure the health of consumers. It can respond in time and take effective protective measures to improve the prevention and control of epidemic diseases.

3. Animal epidemic monitoring is the basis for the prevention and control of animal epidemic diseases. It can provide a basis for better analysis of epidemiological analysis through animal epidemic monitoring.

If an epidemic occurs in a certain area, it may spread and spread after the effective prevention and control. It is necessary to strengthen the diagnosis of the epidemic disease, and then provide a safe and effective vaccine vaccination work to ensure that the monitoring and diagnosis is completed in time, and the effectiveness of the vaccine prevention and control is improved.

DWB-96G produced by the animal epidemic detector produced by Proven Medical Device manufacturers, with the corresponding reagent with the corresponding reagent to detect multiple animal epidemic diseases, is widely applicable to the animal epidemic prevention and control center, animal epidemic prevention supervision, veterinary medicine supervision, veterinary medicine, veterinarian Research Institute, university, vaccine production and large and medium -sized breeding enterprises. If you want to know the specific parameters of the product, please contact us.

Three Important Embodiment of Animal Epidemic Detector Can Be Monitored by Animal Epidemic Diseases 1

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