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We all know that non -invasive ventilator can safely and effectively alleviate sleep and respiratory suspension, but many users are reflected in the process of using non -invasive ventilator, and there will always be similar problems, such as dry mouth, stretching, bloating, mask leakage, etc. Wait, what are the root causes of these problems? The following is the relevant content compiled by Xiaobian. I hope to help you solve the problem so that you can better adapt to the ventilator and achieve more effective treatment effects.

1. Morning mouth dry

The direct cause of this phenomenon is to breathe in the mouth. Most patients with sleep apnea have the habit of breathing breathing, although it is difficult to change in a short time, although wearing non -invasive ventilator. In order to alleviate the dry mouth, you can consider drinking water before using the machine, and you can slightly reduce the pressure upper limit and inhalation pressure without affecting the treatment effect.

In addition to the habit, it may also be because the pressure of non -invasive ventilator is insufficient, which causes the machine to take breath unconsciously. It is recommended to decide whether to adjust according to the data of the machine.

2. In the morning, the stomach bloated and the exhaust increased

First wearing non-invasive ventilator, breathing or swallowing movements can make the gas enter the esophagus. Generally speaking, the symptoms adapt to about 5-7 days will gradually be relieved.

3. Mask leakage affects sleep

The mask leak is mainly due to the incorrect position, or it is caused by loosening. This situation only needs to adjust the mask position and ensure that the head is tightly tightened (you can put it in a finger). If there is still air leakage after adjustment. You can consider changing the mask that is more suitable for you according to the condition.

4. Nasal bleeding or nasal congestion

The common phenomenon of wearing machines in winter is caused by the low room temperature and too cold. In addition to increasing room temperature, you can use a wetter and set the appropriate temperature gear when wearing a machine. However, it should not be too high when regulating the wetter gear, so as to avoid condensation of the mask and pipeline due to high temperature difference.

5. There are still a lot of snoring and qi when used at night

This may be because the parameter settings of non -invasive ventilator are inconsistent with the physical condition. It is recommended to observe the use of machines and improve the upper limit of the ventilator's inhalation pressure or pressure.

6. I feel stuffy when using it, and I can't fall asleep in breathing difficulties

Before wearing a machine, you need to clarify the working principle of non -invasive ventilator and adjust your psychological state. It is necessary to realize that the ventilator is a positive pressure -ventilated medical equipment. It not only has a pressure pressure, but also feels pressure when exhaling. It is because of this that the carbon dioxide in the mask can be discharged, so that the machine can inhale fresh air.

And the mask is not sealed, there are many exhaust holes on it, so you don't need to be too nervous, you need to adjust your mentality. For people with normal lung function, this pressure can be overcome; but if there is still difficulty breathing, it is difficult to alleviate. It is recommended to replace it with a two -level automatic ventilator.

7. In the middle of the night, I have no conscience to take off the mask

This is a common phenomenon for friends who have just started using the machine, so don't worry too much. There are two types of reasons. One is that the upper limit of the non -invasive ventilator is not set enough. When using the machine at night, you will feel stretching, so you need to remove the mask unconsciously and adjust it in time. At this time, it is recommended to replace it with a dual -level automatic ventilator.

Those Common Issues of Non-invasive Ventilator-Proven Medical 1

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