The Working Principle and Operation Method of Household Ventilator

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Now the level of living is constantly improving, and they are also very rich. Therefore, the number of obese people has continued to increase, especially young people and the elderly, so it is easy to suffer from chronic diseases or symptoms of snoring sleep. To reduce symptoms, many people wear home ventilator. How does this device work and operate? In response to these questions, let's take a closer look at the basic information of home ventilator.

In the autonomous ventilation, the inhalation of the thoracic cavity has negative pressure, and the negative pressure of the alveoli and airway in the passive expansion of the lungs, which constitutes the pressure difference between the airway port and the alveoli to complete the inhalation; The pressure difference is exhaled. The ventilation of the ventilator is driven by the in vitro mechanical mechanical to cause a positive pressure difference between the airway and the alveoli. That is, the breathing cycle has a "passive positive pressure difference" to complete the breathing.

How to use household ventilator?

1. Connect related equipment. Connect the ventilator pipeline, oxygen and power supply. The starting order is air compressor, wetter, host, and self -examination of machine. The shutdown order of the ventilator is the opposite, that is, turn off the host first, then turn off the wetter, air compressor, and then turn off the air source.

2. Select the breathing mode. There are a variety of different breathing modes in the home ventilator. According to your own actual situation, choose the appropriate breathing mode.

3. Adjust related parameters. According to the instructions of the use and the doctor's instructions, adjust the relevant parameters of the home ventilator to avoid affecting normal breathing due to improper operation.

4. Torter. The patient's breathing and cough ability recovery, and the autonomous breathing can produce sufficient ventilation stars, and the blood oxygen saturation has always maintained at more than 90%. Pulmonary infection is controlled, the respiratory tract secretions are not many, and there are no severe lung or systemic complications. Arterial blood gas analysis PAO2 is greater than 50mmHg. Paco2 does not significantly increase, and the pH value is basically normal.

When using a home ventilator, you must have a certain understanding of this device in advance. Through the instructions used in use, operate in accordance with the correct steps to avoid affecting normal use due to improper operation. Essence Secondly, after daily use of the home ventilator, cleaning and disinfection should be carried out regularly. In addition to extending the service life, it also avoids the breeding of bacteria, which affects its own health.

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The Working Principle and Operation Method of Household Ventilator 1

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