The Working Principle and Maintenance of the Fully Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

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The fully automated biochemical analyzer is an instrument that measures some specific chemical ingredients in the body fluid of the organism. Its advantages are mainly the fast measurement speed, high accuracy, and few reagent medicines consumed. Therefore, fully automated biochemical analysis analysis The application field of instruments continues to expand and the market share continues to rise. Then, for many people who do not understand this inspection equipment, how does it work, specific uses, etc. Essence

What is the working principle of a fully automatic biochemical analyzer?

The fully automatic biochemical analyzer is to run the sampling, mixing, mixing, warm bath (37 C) detection, results calculation, judgment, display and print results, and cleaning the original manual operation process. Today, the biochemical inspection has basically realized automation analysis. There are also a fully automated biochemical analysis system designed for large or large clinical laboratories and commercial laboratories, which can be arbitrarily configured according to the laboratory detection volume.

Fully automated analyzer is so maintained?

The fully automatic biochemical analyzer should do a good job of dustproof. Usually the electronic system, pipeline system, heat dissipation system, and optical path system of dust entering the instrument affects the light absorption value, causing results errors. Due to too much dust or affecting the normal work of the circuit board, or affecting the heat dissipation of the instrument, or the clogging of the pipeline, especially the probe system. Therefore, dustproof should be strict in the use environment of the instrument.

Secondly, the ambient temperature is around 25 C. The fully automatic analyzer itself is a considerable heat -producing system. Although the instrument itself is designed with a cooling system, the high environmental temperature also affects the poor heat dissipation of the instrument electronic system and leads to unstable work. The specific daily maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Differential water should be replaced. Z will be replaced once every 3 days, and shampooing must not have impurities with distilled water to prevent bacteria in the barrel.

2. The reagent cup should be cleaned often. The reagent cup cannot be used for a long time without cleaning, which prevents precipitate and grow bacteria, so as not to block sampling needles and pollution reagents.

3. The instrument shall be managed by special personnel, the instrument shall be managed by special personnel, and the professionals shall be maintained. Do not replace and use various components at will.

The above briefly introduces the relevant product information about fully automated biochemical analyzers, including: working principles and specific maintenance methods. In fact The high accuracy rate has greatly improved the efficiency of medical staff and saved the waiting time. If you want to know more about our product information, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

The Working Principle and Maintenance of the Fully Automatic Biochemical Analyzer 1

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