The Working Environment and Precautions of the Fully Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

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The fully automated biochemical analyzer has the advantages of simple operation, fast, small sample dosage, and high precision. It is accepted by clinicians with fast and efficient work characteristics. With the development of fully automated biochemical analyzers, the instruments have been widely used, and the requirements for the working environment have also been valued by people. Correct use and maintenance are a key issue that can make the results accurate and reliable, reduce the incidence of failure, reduce costs, and extend the life of the instrument.

1. Dust -proof and corrosive corrosion, tare the dust pollution according to local conditions. Chemical reagents, especially volatile reagents such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, cannot be placed in the instrument studio.

2. Seismic and electromagnetic interference, the machine should be fixed on the ground, and stay away from the vibration source as much as possible. The ZUI uses a dedicated line to power, and it is not allowed to use the public power supply with other high -power instruments.

3. Keep room temperature between 18 and 25 C and the humidity control between 45%and 60%.

4. The fully automated biochemical analyzer connects effective voltage voltage and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to prevent the analyzer damage or data loss of the analyzer, and there is a protective ground wire to prevent the fault of electric shock and analyzer.

5. Keep the dry environment of monochroders and detectors.

6. Wash the flow pool every day.

7, regular replacement of creep pumps.

8. Replace the light source lamp in time.

The fully automatic biochemical instrument has advanced light path systems and powerful data processing functions, overcoming cross -pollution, and realizing diversification of detection technology, which greatly improves the accuracy and precision of detection speed and biochemical inspection. It adapts to the requirements of the development of clinical medicine for testing medicine. It is the development trend of this biochemical instrument for high -speed, combined, super -trance, and intelligence at will.

The Working Environment and Precautions of the Fully Automatic Biochemical Analyzer 1

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