The Purpose and Classification of Biochemical Analyzer

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Biochemical analyzer is also called a biochemical instrument. It is a very important equipment for the medical laboratory. It can quickly and accurately detect a variety of projects, including liver function, kidney function, blood sugar, blood lipid analysis, and other biochemical projects that need to be carried out.

What are the uses of biochemical analyzers?

Biochemical analyzers are generally automatic forms, samples, test agents, dehumidities, mixing, moisturizing, color comparison, results computing, writing reports and cleaning, or all are completed by the instruments of simulated manual operations. The analysis and determination of various reaction types such as timing method and continuous monitoring method can be performed. In addition to the measurement of general biochemical projects, some can also be applied to specifically compounds such as hormone, immunoglobulin, and blood concentration, as well as analysis methods such as enzyme immunization and fluorescence immune.

Biochemical analyzers are mainly used for: clinical blood test routine, myocardial enzyme spectrum, blood sugar and blood lipids, liver exercises, kidney skills and other conventional biochemical indicators. This new YL device will not only further meet the actual needs of many YL units, but also greatly promote the development of YL technology.

What types of biochemical analyzers are divided into?

I. Classification according to the principle of mechanical design: It can be divided into separate automated analyzers, mobile automated biochemical analyzers, and centrifugal automated biochemical analyzers. The first two are designed according to the order of the detection process, that is, the samples to be tested in turn with the reagent first reacted and the test was tested. It belongs to the "sequential analysis"; the latter is under the influence of centrifugal force, each of which to be tested is almost mixed with the reagent at the same time, reaction detection, which is a "synchronous analysis".

2. Classification of projects at the same time: can be divided into single channels and multi -channel classification. Single channels that each sample can only be determined at a time; and multiple channels can be determined at the same time at the same time. The flow and separate automated biochemical analyzers are divided into single -channel and multi -channel. The automatic analyzer of blood glucose and blood calcium is a single channel.

3. Classification according to the complexity and analysis function of the instrument: It can be divided into small, medium and large. Small is generally a single channel, and only a special biochemical analyzer of a specific project can be determined (such as the above -mentioned blood glucose measuring instrument, blood calcium regulator, etc.). Most of the medium -sized automatic analyzers are multi -channel, and there are single channels.

There are dozens of determination projects for small single channels due to conversion programs. 2 to 10 projects can be determined at the same time. Large automated biochemical analyzers are often multi -channel biochemical analyzers with more than 10 projects at the same time, and analysis projects can be freely selected and combined, and some special biochemical projects can be performed.

Biochemical analyzers can be divided into two types: fully automatic and semi -automatic categories. The fully automated biochemical speed measurement, high automatic, semi -automated biochemical portable, suitable for going out diagnosis. The two types of equipment have their own characteristics and should be selected as needed. As a manufacturer of biochemical analyzer, Proven Medical is currently on sale. There are many types of biochemical analyzers. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

The Purpose and Classification of Biochemical Analyzer 1

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