The Necessity and Principle of Pesticide Residue Fast Detector

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Many people think that the pesticide residue measurement is not necessary to buy. The agricultural residue testing card is extremely prone to errors in the detection process, and the results are not stable many times. It is more suitable for family use. high. However, long -term use of foods with excessive pesticides will cause damage to the body, in order to avoid long -term effects. The measurement of pesticide residue measurements will greatly improve this.

The principle of pesticide residue fast detector is that organic phosphorus and amino -based pesticides have inhibitory effects on the normal function of chilobacterase, and its inhibitory rate is positively correlated with the concentration of pesticides. In recent years, many areas and venues have introduced pesticide residues to fast testing instruments to carry out rapid testing. They have been applied in food production, processing and sales.

Pesticide residue fast detector is simple and convenient, fast, short test time, accurate detection results, multiple samples can be detected at the same time, high degree of intelligence, convenient data collection, suitable for enterprise self -inspection, consumer self -inspection, etc. Pesticide residue fast detector can quickly test and screen agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables and fruits to ensure the safety of the consumption of agricultural products on the market.

The application of pesticide residues fast detector is widely used, which can meet both laboratory testing and inspection at the scene. With the continuous development of fast inspection technology, the demand for fast inspection instruments such as pesticide residues such as pesticide residues has continued to increase. application.

As a production manufacturer of a pesticide residue fast detector, Proud Medical Equipment currently sells a PLNC-162432 series residual pesticide detector. Data will not be lost because of power off. If you are interested in our products, you want to know more about its specific parameters and performance, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

The Necessity and Principle of Pesticide Residue Fast Detector 1

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