The Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration Has Multiple Measures to Promote the High -quality Deve

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In recent years, with the reform of my country's medical device review and approval system, the medical device industry has maintained a good momentum of healthy and rapid development, the innovative research and development vitality bursts, knowledge and information interconnection, new technologies and new materials cross -integration, innovative medical device equipment The emergence of acceleration has better meet the needs of public weapons. my country's medical device industry is accelerating on the road of high -quality development.

Recently, with the consent of the Provincial People's Government, the General Office of the Provincial People's Government issued the "Implementation Plan for the High -quality Development of the Medical Device Industry in Guangdong Province" (Guangdong Office letter [2021] No. 366, hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan"). Promote the high -quality development assistance measures of the medical device industry. In order to implement the implementation of the "Implementation Plan", the Provincial Drug Administration will focus on the key tasks in the implementation plan to give full play to the existing advantages of the medical device industry in our province and effectively exert their functions. Focus on the following aspects.

Establish a coordination mechanism for promoting the high -quality development of the medical device industry; continue to optimize the review and approval of the second -class medical device review; adopt effective measures to promote the innovation of medical device; in -depth rectification of medical device safety; in -depth reform of the comprehensive reform of medical device supervision.

According to statistics, all the registered business of the second type of medical device in Guangdong Province in 2019 all implemented online electronic submissions and electronic review approval. As of the end of 2019, there have been more than 5,000 paper -free business registered in medical device registration, more than 3,800 electronic certificates have been issued, and the approval time limit has been compressed by 40%.

Strive by 2023, the average annual growth rate of the operating income of the medical device manufacturing industry will reach more than 20%, and the annual operating income of the medical device manufacturing industry above designated size will reach 170 billion yuan; There are 30 listed companies; forming high -end medical device industry clusters with dual -core in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration Has Multiple Measures to Promote the High -quality Deve 1

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