The Definition and Working Principle of Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer

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The application of fully automated biochemical analyzers in our daily life is widely used, such as medical treatment, and to detect signs of life. The fully automatic biochemical analyzer has made important contributions in the field of disaster relief and medical care. So what kind of instrument is the fully automated biochemical analyzer? Let's take a closer look at the editor.

The fully automated biochemical analyzer is an instrument that measures a specific chemical component in the body fluid based on the principle of optoelectronics. It is a basis for clinically providing information on the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease and the state of health. The fully automated analyzer is to automatically run the sampling, mixing, mixing, warm bath (37 C) detection, results calculation, judgment, display and print results, and cleaning in the original manual operation process. Today, the biochemical inspection has basically realized automation analysis. There are also a fully automated biochemical analysis system designed for large or large clinical laboratories and commercial laboratories, which can be arbitrarily configured according to the laboratory detection volume.

After understanding the basic definition and working principle of fully automated biochemical analyzers, many people may still want to understand what classifications they are? In fact, the fully automated biochemical analyzer belongs to one of the biochemical analyzers. There are many detection methods. The following lists are listed several main detection methods.

1. Ending method. It is completely converted into a product, no longer reaches the end point, and the absorption of the reaction ending point is calculated to calculate the concentration of the measured substance. Almost all except enzymes, BUN and CRE in the biochemical test are detected by the end point method.

2. Fixed time method. The result is to calculate the results in the difference between the two points in the reaction. These two points are neither the starting point nor the end point. It is mainly used to detect some non -specific items, such as creatinine.

3. Continuous monitoring method: When determining the activity or enzyme metabolites of the enzyme, the linear changes in the reaction curve are consumed to calculate the result.

With the advancement of modern medical care, the fully automated biochemical analyzer has embarked on the road of rapid development. The degree of automation is higher, the scope of analysis projects is wider, the configuration is more convenient, the analysis speed is faster, and the maintenance is more convenient. As a manufacturer of fully automated biochemical analyzer, Prun Medical has a variety of different models of different models. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

The Definition and Working Principle of Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer 1

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