The Definition and Use Environment of Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer

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The fully automated biochemical analyzer is developing in the direction of random openness, rationalization, automation, intelligence, combination, networking, andization. This development direction will not change, and new technologies will be introduced faster and more perfect. So, what exactly is a fully automatic biochemical analyzer?

The fully automated biochemical analyzer is an instrument that measures some specific chemical ingredients in the body fluid of the organism. It is currently a instrument that accurately measures this information at present. Fully -automated analyzer is favored by people because of its advantages. Its advantages are mainly the fast speed, high accuracy, and few reagent medicines consumed.

After understanding the basic definition of fully automated biochemical analyzers, we have a little more understanding of this device. In fact, there are many types of automated biochemical analyzers. Common categories of automatic biochemical analyzers are: continuous mobile analyzers, centrifugal analyzers, and separated biochemical analyzers. Most of the analyzers used in clinical laboratories are divided into separate biochemical analyzers. There are good compatibility and interchangeability of such analysis instruments and handmade methods.

What are the applications for fully automated biochemical analyzers?

1. Ensure that the biochemical laboratory and the inspection department have enough space to facilitate the operation, maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of the instrument and the resettlement of various supporting facilities.

2. The instrument should avoid chemical corrosion items, place it in a dust -free place, and avoid the areas where smoke and steam appear. Avoid large motor, electrotherapy and microwave machines with electromagnetic radiation machines.

3. The laboratory supporting facilities are complete, and the working environment is required to have a dustproof facilities at 18 C-30 C.

4. Due to the large amount of electricity consumption in the biochemical laboratory, the ground line, voltage voltage device, or uninterrupted power supply that meets the requirements is required to avoid stopping the movie and even cause damage to the instrument.

The fully automated biochemical analyzer has advanced light road systems and powerful data processing functions, overcoming cross -pollution, and realizing diversification of detection technology, which greatly improves the accuracy and precision of detection speed and biochemical inspection. Adapt to the requirements of the development of clinical medicine for testing medicine, and randomly high -speed, combined, super -trance, intelligence, andization are the development trend of this biochemical instrument. As a manufacturer of fully automated biochemical analyzer, Progen Medical is currently available for the model and good performance and good performance. If you are interested in our products, you want to know more about its products. Information, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

The Definition and Use Environment of Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer 1

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