The Application of Multi -functional Enzyme Standards in Animal Epidemic, Medical and Food Hygiene

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Multifunctional enzyme labels are an automated analysis enzyme standard dedicated to enzyme -linked immune adsorption test. Because of its high -specific, high sensitivity, good repetitive, fast, simple, non -radioactive pollution, it has been increasingly widely used in the field of medicine, agriculture, food and other fields. Let me introduce you what are the specific applications of multi -function enzyme labels in animal epidemic, medical and food hygiene?

1. The enzyme -linked immune adsorption measurement method and the corresponding reagent are used to be qualitative or quantitative for animal epidemic diagnosis. Such as: pork blue ear virus, swine fever virus, pig pseudo -rabies virus, pig pseudo -rabies virus GE protein, pig ring virus, pork type encephalitis virus, pig mouth hoof disease 3ABC protein, pig mouth hoof disease virus IgG, pork fine virus, chicken chicken, chicken Bird flu, blue tongue disease, white spot syndrome, cattle infectious pleural pneumonia, cattle plague, cotton acne, and goat acne can be tested, and it can customize items according to customer needs.

2. The detection project of the enzyme standard in the medical industry: allergens, thyroid, diabetes, eugenics, infertility, infectious diseases, tumor markers, etc.

3. The detection projects of the enzyme standard in food hygiene, agriculture, and animal husbandry industries: nutritional ingredients, additives, pesticide residues, bacterial toxins, inorganic toxins, antibiotic hormone residues, carcinogens residues, toxic and harmful substances, etc.

Multifunctional enzyme standards refer to a single desktop enzyme label with a variety of detection modes. It usually has a containment slot, which can detect the absorbance (ABS), fluorescent strength (FI), time to distinguish fluorescence (TRF), fluorescent polarization (FP), and chemical light (LUM). It can provide a variety of different modes of testing with micropores as a system experiment. Generally, the multifunctional enzyme label can provide at least three different detection modes: "absorbing light", ", fluorescence", ", and glowing".

Some mid -to -high -end multi -function enzymes can also complete fluorescence tests such as "time resolution of fluorescence", ", fluorescent polarization", ", and fluorescent resonance energy transfer". The instrument is suitable for clinical examination, microbiology, epidemiology, immunology, endocrinology, and agricultural and forestry science. It is widely used in hospitals, blood stations, epidemic prevention stations, biological products and other departments.

The Application of Multi -functional Enzyme Standards in Animal Epidemic, Medical and Food Hygiene 1

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