Shuiguang Needle Is Intended to Be Supervised According to the Three Types of Medical Devices, and t

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After the impact of Internet culture and the education of the medical beauty industry, people's acceptance of medical beauty has been greatly improved. According to the data of Ai Media Consultation, the average growth rate of the market size of the Chinese medical beauty industry from 2016 to 2020 was 12.8%, and the number of users in the Chinese medical beauty market increased by more than 4 times.

And Shuiguang Needles can be said to be an entry project for medical beauty. Many beautiful women, including some stars, have tried to use Shuiguang Needles to improve skin quality and elasticity. The principle of water light needle is actually called hyaluronic acid, which is often referred to as hyaluronic acid in the beauty industry. It directly avoids the skin barrier and enters the real PI layer of human skin through injection.

Hyaluronic acid itself is the substance that our human body will secrete. Through artificially injection of hyaluronic acid, it increases the level of water absorption medium on the real PI layer, helps the skin to fulfill the water, expand the surface, and then eliminate wrinkles and make the skin firmer and beautiful.

On November 9th, the GUO Family Drug Administration's Medical Device Standard Management Center issued a notice on soliciting the "Catalog of Medical Device" (adjustment opinions). The adjustment opinion is based on the "Dynamic Adjustment of the Dynamic Adjustment of the Classification Catalog of Medical Device" and related requirements. Among them, in the adjustment of some medical and beauty product supervision categories, the new "sodium hyaluronate solution for injection" is managed by the third category of medical device.

The notice shows that the sodium hyaluronate solution for injection is composed of the filling material (generally sodium hyaluronate as the main ingredient) in the syringe and pre -installed in the syringe. The moisturizing and hydrating effects of sodium pyrotine and other materials improve the skin state, and it is planned to supervise according to III device. The sub-directory is 13-passive implantation equipment, 09-plastic surgery and ordinary surgical implants. The secondary product category is 02 plastic surgery.

From the perspective of this year's regulatory actions, policies have been introduced in advertising, qualifications, and services, and the medical beauty industry has ushered in comprehensive supervision. At the same time, relevant departments have also carried out special rectifications to combat illegal medical and American services nationwide, and put forward stricter requirements for online platforms to release medical beauty advertising information. It is believed that with the joint efforts of third -party platforms, medical aesthetics, plastic surgeons, news media and consumers, the medical beauty industry will become more beautiful.

Shuiguang Needle Is Intended to Be Supervised According to the Three Types of Medical Devices, and t 1

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