Бренд MeCan 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Lon Meter 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Поставщик 1
Бренд MeCan 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Lon Meter 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Поставщик 1

Бренд MeCan 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Lon Meter 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Поставщик

T/T заранее, западное соединение, L/C, MoneyGram, наличные деньги
Время выполнения заказа:
3-15 рабочих дней
Минимальный заказ:
1 комплект

    Lon Meter 


    Бренд MeCan 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Lon Meter 1 КОМПЛЕКТ Поставщик 2

    1.Large LCD touch screen and English operation interface
    2.Support multiple common ion mode (such as H+,Ag+,Na+,K+,NH4+,Cl-,F- etc…). The user can define specific ion mode and test other ions.
    3.It can measure pH value, and several kinds of buffer solutions can be selected to have one-point or two-point (up to5-point)calibration. The user can establish standard buffer groups and the meter can recognize 10 kinds of buffer solutions.
    4.The test results can be stored, deleted, viewed, printed or transmitted to PC. It can store up to 350 sets of measuring results. For other ions, the user can store up to 100 sets of pX measuring results and 100 sets of concentration measuring results.
    5.It is equipped with RS-232 and USB port. If matched with specific data collecting software, it can be connected with PC.

Company Advantages

· The design style of MeCan diy set keeps abreast of the popular trends.

· It has the characteristics of good moisture permeability. Its raw materials have a good hygroscopic performance which allows water or moisture to pass through easily.

· Due to the benefit of little radiated heat emission, the product is able to illuminate the items which are heat and radiation sensitive.

Company Features

· As a local rising dental supplies manufacturer, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited will continue to provide the best dental supplies for customers.

· We adopt internationally advanced production equipment and processes.

· We relentlessly pursue excellence. Our employees are encouraged to think differently and bring new ideas to the table on improving our operations.

Application of the Product

Lon Meter of MeCan can play a role in various industries.

MeCan is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent.

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