1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 1
1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 2
1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 3
1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 1
1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 2
1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 3

1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники

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Company Advantages

· The design for our Hospital B/W Ultrasound is simple but practical.

· The product will not accumulate too much heat. The heat sink components can absorb the heat produced by it and effectively dissipate it into the surrounding environment.

· These products can be updated as per our patrons' requirements.

    Laboratory Clinic Fully Automated Dry Chemistry Analyzer


    1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 4

    Semiconductor Detector & Micro Grating System

    The system is integrated with micro grating system to provide a full spectrum wavelength covering various assays and feasibility for extendable parameters.

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    Self-contained Dilution & Automatic Centrifugation

    The microfluidic reaction disc is embedded with dry chemistry reagent and self-contained dilution, it requires sample dispensing only and the system is automatically running the sample mixing with dilution and reagents.

    1 набор инструментов для лабораторной клиники 6

    QR Code & Auto-calibration

    Every self-contained reagent disc is printed with QR-Coded for auto-calibration.

    Microfluidic Technology

    Based on microfluidic technology, the diluted sample is distributed into each reaction chamber without any cross-contamination.

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    Simple 3-step Procedures

    The system provides fully automatic procedures to test the samples with only three steps,no requirement for any special operating skills.

    Easy Operations

    All steps are designed automatically from checking the validity of reagent discs and cartridges to the results with reference range printout.

    Built-in Centrifuge

    Whole blood samples can be measured without pre-treatment and the samples are automatically centrifuged, results in panel can be obtained within 15 mins.

    Micro Sample Volume/ Only 1355L

    The whole blood, serum or plasma is acceptable. A completed biochemistry profile test only needs 135 pL sample volume. No sample preparation is required for the whole blood testing.

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Company Features

· Over years of development, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has evolved into a reliable manufacturer based in China. We have earned years of expertise in the R&D, design, and production of anesthesia devices.

· We have experienced and passionate leaders that are dedicated to making our business better. With manufacturing experience, they disseminate their knowledge to create value for our customers. We have brought together a team of testing engineers. They take meticulous steps to fully qualify and certify each product we manufacture, ensuring the product can meet the quality standards. We have established a team of development engineers. They work together to develop innovative products for the anesthesia devices industry and are able to constantly upgrade the form of products.

· What makes MeCan stand out among the anesthesia devices market is to always stick to the innovation tenet. Ask online!

Product Details

MeCan produces Laboratory Clinic instrument according to national standards, and the products are of good quality. The specific details are as follows.

Application of the Product

Various in function and wide in application, the Laboratory Clinic instrument can be used in many industries and fields.

Before developing a solution, we will fully understand the market situation and customer's needs. In this way, we can provide effective solutions for our customers.

Product Comparison

The Laboratory Clinic instrument of MeCan has the following advantages compared with Laboratory Clinic instrument in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan recruits people with ability and virtue to build a comprehensive talents team. Our team members have excellent academic performance and professional skills.

MeCan is dedicated to providing quality services to meet the needs of customers.

MeCan upholds the core value to be honest, practical, truth-seeking, pioneering, and innovative in the development. We address the responsibility for environmental protection and product safety. We always have the courage to try and pursue excellence, regardless of all the difficulties. Our goal is to become the most influential company in the industry.

Our company was founded in Over years, we have always pursued small profits but large sales volumes. We impress every customer with sincere service and quality products, and that's how we could gain an invincible position in the market.

MeCan's products are sold well in Asia, Europe, and other regions due to their high quality.

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