Problems and Solutions to Use Non -invasive Breathing Opportunities for the First Time

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Non -invasive ventilator is considered to be a very good method for treating sleep and respiratory on the market. Compared with surgery, it will be safer and effective. The part of the airway blocking is opened to eliminate and prevent the upper airway from collapse, so that patients do not snoring all night, no respiratory suspension, and eliminating hypoxia and hyperbaricatemia at night. Long -term treatment can control the symptoms very well, and it also has a particularly good protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and important organs.

In the process of using non -invasive ventilator, you will definitely encounter some problems, especially the process of using the ventilator.

1. Get up in the morning and get dry

This happened, and may be breathing when sleeping. You can try to use the mandibular belt. If the mandible belt is not helpful, it is recommended to consider using the nose mask to adjust the heating and humidification gear.

2. After using the sleep ventilator, we still snoring

Snoring should not occur when treated with non -invasive ventilator. If you are still snoring, it may be that the treatment pressure is too low and you need to adjust.

Third, the skin feels uncomfortable and even a bit bruised, and there are imprints on the face.

It may be that the mask is too tight. If the mask is equipped with the front forehead adjustment function, it can be adjusted again. If necessary, the headband is also adjusted. If the above method does not work, it may be that the size or style of the mask may be wrong, and the mask needs to be selected again.

Some friends are afraid that the ventilator is not effective to use it, so he is more worried. Because the effect of non -invasive ventilator varies from person to person, it will also be affected by the objective conditions of the machine setting parameters. Therefore, friends who buy non -invasive ventilator can go to the physical store to experience it for one or two nights. Yes, then choose to buy.

Problems and Solutions to Use Non -invasive Breathing Opportunities for the First Time 1

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