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There are often some patients with slow pulmonary patients hesitating in the purchase of oxygen making machines and home non -invasive ventilator. Most people do not know much about oxygen making machines and ventilator. Some patients even think that the two are the same medical device, which can be used by the ventilator, or it can be used as a ventilator. Below, I will introduce you in detail about slow -blocking the pulmonary patients. The optional oxygen is a ventilator.

Cubes of slow lung blocking are the collective names of ventilator system diseases characterized by chronic airway obstruction and restricted airflow. The common people often say: old slow support and emphysema, even more representative diseases! Most patients will experience hypoxemia, that is, type first respiratory failure; on the basis of this, carbon dioxide retention and hyperlilicate, which is type 2 of the respiratory failure.

Oxygen making machine is to lift the oxygen in the air through the air compressor, and then supply patients. The nasal congestion tube is mostly used. The oxygen making machine can only adjust the oxygen flow to ensure that the cells in the body get sufficient oxygen supply.

Pulmonary diseases generally have hypoxia at first. When there is a problem with the lungs, oxygen is not easy to enter the blood through alveoli, and carbon dioxide is more likely to enter the alveoli from the blood. The conclusion is that it is generally like slow obstructive lung. Patients generally occur in hypoxia first, so at the beginning of such patients, oxygen -making machines can be used first to increase inhalation and oxygen concentration through oxygen making machines to avoid hypoxia.

Slow -blocking the development of II respiratory failure, that is, when we are commonly known as the second phase of the lungs, the problem of carbon dioxide retention often occurs. This is because normal people breathe inhaled oxygen and discharged carbon dioxide. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary obstruction have gradually weakened because of their respiratory function. It is difficult to exhale and inhale normally. It cannot smoothly discharge carbon dioxide, causing carbon dioxide to accumulate in the body. Long -term and past may lead to hyperthamodemia, and hypertonatemia is one of the direct causes of the acute seizures of slow pulmonary blockage. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the problem of carbon dioxide, it is extremely unfavorable for the development of the condition of slow lung blockage. Essence

Household non -invasive ventilator helps patients' respiratory muscle work, reduce ventilator fatigue, discharge carbon dioxide, and promote oxygen. Wearing home non -invasive ventilator is currently the mainstream method of alleviating carbon dioxide retention. Household non -invasive ventilator will provide patients with a higher inhalation pressure during treatment, and a lower exhalation pressure to form a pressure difference. Through this pressure Poor patients to discharge carbon dioxide smoothly.

In summary, the key to whether patients with slow pulmonary blockers need to be equipped with ventilator depends on whether there are carbon dioxide retention. Do you know if you use a ventilator or an oxygen machine for chronic lung block?

Patients with Slow Pulmonary Obstruction Or Homeless Ventilator, Mainly Depending on This-Pulang Med 1

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