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Diagnostic Portable B/W MSK Ultrasound Systems

Model: MCB-E1
Description: This MSK ultrasound is equipped with more complete functions that enhance its competitiveness to entry level ultrasound models. It not only provides satisfying image quality but also introduces users to a much smoother workflow experience.
MOQ: 1 set
Lead time: 3-15 working days
Payment: T/T in advance, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram, Cash


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    Diagnostic Portable B/W Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scan

    What are features of our B/W ultrasound machine?
    Ergonomic Design
    Up to 3 Transducer Ports
    Light Weight and Compact
    Large Anti-flickering HD LED Screen
    Tilting Monitor Angle Adjustment
    Backlit Keyboard and Intelligent Panel
    Long-lasting Battery for 90 mins
    Efficient Diagnosis
    μ-Scan – Speckle reduction & Edge Enhancement
    Spatial Compound Imaging
    PIH – Pure Inversion Harmonic
    Wide Scan – Image Area Enlargement
    PW Doppler
    Chroma – Highlight Image Details
    B Steer for Linear Probe
    Ease of Use
    Quick Boot Up
    Auto Brightness Adjustment
    Auto Image Optimized
    Auto IMT
    Auto Trace
    Expansive Accessories
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Available
    DICOM 3.0
    500GB Hard Disk
    Height Adjustable Trolley
    Durable, Carry-on Site Suitcase
    What is operation mode of our msk ultrasound systems?

    Operation Mode B
    Dual B
    Quad B
    Pure Inversion Harmonic Imaging ( PHI )
    Trapezoid Imaging (Linear And Convex)
    Real-time Panoramic Imaging(B mode )
    Panoramic support in Linear and convex. Velocity indicator and image rotate.
    PW  CW
    Duplex: B/M, B/PW, can be defined in new preset
    HD Zoom
    Compound Imaging (0,1,2,3,4)
    u-scan(5 levels adjustment)
    Needle enhancement ( Vis-needle )

    What is Image Storage of our musculoskeletal ultrasound?

    Cine Loop available for all mode
    Retrospective Storage  27s retrospective saved in real time
    Prospective Storage 480s prospective saved in real time
    Freeze Storage required
    Image Format JPG, BMP, TIF
    Clipboard function is avilibale in frozen B mode
    Clip Format WMV, AVI
    One Key Save required
    Doppler cine playback speed is adjustable, sound can be played back
    Print&Store Region Full Screen, Image&Result Area, US Image
    Image Share Service required
    Store To UsbDisk required
    Storage Capability Hard Disk can up to 500G/1T; SSD can up to 128GB
    Report Tables Abdominal, OB/Gyn, Cardiology, Urology, Small Parts, Vascular,IMT 
    Report Format TXT, PDF
    Report Templet at least 6 images can be displayed in report

    What are configuration of our portable MSK ultrasound?

    Operation Mode B
    Dual B
    Quad B
    Pure Inversion Harmonic Imaging ( PHI )
    Trapezoid Imaging (Linear And Convex)
    Real-time Panoramic Imaging(B mode )
    Panoramic support in Linear and convex. Velocity indicator and image rotate.
    PW  CW
    Duplex: B/M, B/PW, can be defined in new preset
    HD Zoom
    Compound Imaging (0,1,2,3,4)
    u-scan(5 levels adjustment)
    Needle enhancement ( Vis-needle )
    Standard Hardware E1 main unit 
    15.6" High Resolution LCD color monitor (with auto-adaptive LED backlight) 
    One transducer connector 
    USB 2.0/Hard Disk 500 G 
    Standard Software Imaging modes: B/ 2B/ 4B/ M 
    Dynamic Multi-beam Technology 
    Tissue Harmonic Imaging 
    Pure Inversion Harmonic Imaging 
    Tissue Specification Imaging 
    Spatial Compound Imaging 
    Widescan: Trapezoid Imaging 
    μ-Scan: 2D speckle reduction technology 
    TEI Index 
    DICOM 3.0: Store, Send 
    Auto: Auto optimization forB/ M/ PW 
    TGC: Time gain compensation 
    Standby Mode 
    Show Galary 
    2D Steer 
    Biopsy Guide
    Stardard Configured Transducers 96 element linear L746 (Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4.0-12.0MHz/ 50mm
    Optional Transducers 96 element convex C361 (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology) 2.0-6.0MHz/ R60mm
    96 element linear L746 (Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4.0-12.0MHz/ 50mm
    128 element endocavity EC9-5 (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3.0-15.0MHz/R8mm
    128 element convex C351 (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2.0-6.0MHz/ R50mm
    128 element micro-convex array C613 (Cardiology, Pediatrics), 4.0-13.0MHz/ R14mm
    128 element endocavity 6V1 (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3.0-15.0MHz/ R11mm
    128 element linear array L741(Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4.0-16.0MHz/ 46mm

    Demo images of our B/W MSK ultrasound scan

    msk ultrasound scan

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