Maintenance and Precautions for Specific Protein Analyzers

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In recent years, one of the clinical inspection equipment for domestic frequent purchases is a specific protein analyzer. Detection of various proteins is the main purpose of a specific protein analyzer, which plays an important role in the treatment of many diseases. Then, a specific protein analyzer, as a commonly used inspection device, has a high frequency. Therefore, if the correct operation and maintenance cannot be obtained, it will often be prone to failure. How to correctly operate the characteristic protein analyzer? What are the specific methods?

1. Maintenance method of specific protein analyzer

1. Replace the fuse. If the specific protein analyzer cannot work, you need to check or replace the fuse. Disgle the power of the specific protein analyzer, then unscrew the fuse cap, and tighten the new fuse in the fuse cap. The replacement fuse must be guaranteed as the same specifications as the original fuse.

2. Clear any tiny stain or splash liquid. Keep dry before using the instrument; unplug the power plug of the instrument, and wipe it carefully with a wet cloth to prevent splashing liquid in the measurement room.

3. Need to replace a new roll of new printing paper on the printer when no paperless. Lift the printer lid, take out the empty printing paper, put the new paper roll in;

The cover was pressed, and the printing paper was printed out of the paper mouth.

2. Precautions for the use of specific protein analyzers

1.22 30 degrees Celsius is the working environment temperature of a specific protein analyzer.

2. The pipette used by the experiment determines the accuracy of the experiment.

3. Because the test results will be affected by the reused use of a specific protein analyzer measurement cup, the measurement cup can only be used at one time.

4. The cause of damage to the electronic protection system may be that it is not operated according to the operating environment requirements or operation descriptions when using a specific protein analyzer.

5. Users cannot replace any components other than fuses on the specific protein analyzer. Do not tear the warranty on both sides of the instrument.

6. Do not mix with reagents with different batch numbers.

7. Prevent the instrument from splashing liquid.

8.220V10%or 220V-10%is the operating voltage range of a specific protein analyzer.

9. In order to ensure safety, reagents with potential infectivity must be treated in accordance with the standard laboratory specifications.

The above briefly introduces the maintenance method of specific protein analyzers and some precautions in the process of use. In fact, for the inspection department, the correct maintenance method can effectively avoid the occurrence of faults. To ensure the accuracy of the detection data, for some large testing agencies and hospitals, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Once the normal use of the equipment is affected by improper maintenance, it will bring serious consequences and delay the time of treatment. It is a great loss for patients.

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Maintenance and Precautions for Specific Protein Analyzers 1

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